New BlackBerry Enterprise Server Packages for Google Mobile applications

Tuesday, May 5, 2009 | 10:03 AM

This week a few of us are at RIM's Wireless Enterprise Symposium to talk with BlackBerry administrators about Google Mobile. Last night we announced the Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Today we're excited to announce the availability of new enterprise installation packages for Google Mobile App and Google Maps for mobile.

These enterprise installation packages allow BlackBerry administrators to deploy Google Mobile applications to corporate BlackBerry phones. Administrators have the option of using ALX packages to push applications to BlackBerry phones through BES. Alternatively, administrators can host JAD/COD packages on a private intranet so that employees can download applications from internal sites. BES administrators will need to configure their BlackBerry phones to allow applications from Google to be installed.

The ability to quickly search for information outside of the office is useful to workers on the go. With Google Mobile App, employees can search by voice, or otherwise quickly type queries by selecting query suggestions or past queries in their search history. Users can search for anything they can find on Google, such as stock quotes, product information, or weather. Google Mobile App also enables local search thanks to My Location -- just try searching for "pizza" or "hotel". Google Mobile App conveniently launches Google Maps, where it it is easy to get driving, transit, or walking directions.

If you're a BlackBerry administrator who is interested in deploying Google Mobile applications in your business, learn more at

Posted by Ryan Pollock, Product Marketing Manager


Anonymous said...

there is something to attract me, how you arrange the article to be interesting to follow

Greg Smalter said...

I could see how this might be useful for existing BES users, but as a user with just Google Apps, not BES, I don't see the benefit to moving to BES and using this. This only provides one-way calendar sync, and I already get two-way calendar sync using Google Sync.

Anonymous said...

To Greg S: U mean that u use Blackberry BES now, but just with Google Apps, not BES? This is intention as well, I just wonder how weel it works?

Greg Smalter said...

@Peter: I do not have BES available to me. I have a situation equivalent to a personal BlackBerry that is syncing directly with Google Apps using Google Sync. Works fine.

Anonymous said...

@Greg: Thanks, but I am going for the Nokia E71 and since use a number of local SIM-cards, since I am travelling around a lot in Africa and Europe. Since I am self-employed and not working for a larger company that might be the best solution..?

Unknown said...

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