Use Google Apps seamlessly with corporate BlackBerry smartphones

Monday, May 4, 2009 | 2:50 PM

If your employer has provided you with a BlackBerry smartphone, you may be accustomed to its built-in email, calendar, and address book applications. The Google Apps Enterprise team has just announced that we will soon release Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which enables you to use these familiar applications with Google Apps.

Google Apps is our hosted solution for enterprise messaging and collaboration. It includes Gmail, Google Calendar, and more. Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server connects your BlackBerry Enterprise Server directly to the Google cloud, and creates a seamless experience between Google Apps and the built-in BlackBerry smartphone applications for mail, calendar, and address book. The Google Enterprise blog has more details about the offering.

If you're an IT administrator interested in Google Apps, you should know that Google Apps Connector for BlackBerry Enterprise Server is currently in beta testing with select companies and universities. We are targeting a July 2009 release for Google Apps Premier and Education Edition customers, at no additional cost. This week we're at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium, so if you happen to be at WES, come visit us at Booth #105. We'll also be talking about Google Apps and other Google Mobile products at our breakout session tomorrow, so we hope to see you there!

Posted by Hong Zhang, Software Engineer


Unknown said...

Great, but when will Google apps support a Blackberry WiFi connection?

sartorial bob said...

Will Symbian devices eventually get the same kind of "enterprise level" synchronization possibility ?? Nokia for exchange would be great to use with google apps.

James said...

I second on the Nokia Mail Exchange support

Hopefully to be getting the same kind of love from Google

Anonymous said...

Thinking about getting a new phone. I've heard of some having trouble with Google Mobile and Sprint. Would I be safe getting a BlackBerry on that network?

Chris Kraynik (Tidus) said...

I've had no problems with my Sprint-branded BlackBerry Curve 8330, which I just got... so you should be good to go, Henson. Gmail for Google Apps, Maps/Latitude, Sync, voice search, Calendar, and all the other good stuff just... works. :) I hope that you're on the Everything Plus plan, though~!