YouTube uploads and more now available on Android

Wednesday, May 6, 2009 | 11:02 AM

If there is one thing I've always wanted, that is to be able to record and share special moments in my life, anytime, anywhere. Needless to say, I am quite excited that I can now pick up my Android-powered phone, start recording videos left and right- and then even upload them to Youtube!

Video uploads is just one of several new Google mobile features and improvements in the new Android 1.5 release:
  • YouTube: record and easily upload videos to YouTube.
  • Picasa Web Albums: upload photos directly to your Picasa Web Albums.
  • Gmail: multiple-thread selection to easily archive, delete, label or mute several threads at once.
  • Search by voice: improved speech recognition.

I seem to always forget my video camera when there's a funny moment that I wish I could record (like my facial expression after tasting a durian for the first time). Now I don't have to worry about that! I can record and play back videos whenever I have my phone with me, and I can easily share them or upload them to YouTube directly from my phone. It's easy- just tap 'share' and select YouTube.

What's more, YouTube gives me full control of my privacy, so I can decide if I want to make my videos available to the entire Web or just a subset of invited friends.

This Android update also enables easier Picasa uploading by reducing the number of clicks needed to share your pictures with others. Just like YouTube- after taking a picture tap 'share' when viewing a photo and select Picasa.

As someone who uses Gmail on the desktop, I appreciate the new 'batch edit' functionality on Android. Instead of selecting and archiving dozens of emails on my phone, one email at a time, I can now select multiple Gmail conversations and act on all of them as a group, saving time for the more important stuff.

And last but certainly not least, we've made it even easier to search with your voice by improving speech recognition. I've personally been surprised and entertained by the cute pictures that appear in my search results when speaking "pictures of Pygmy Marmosets" - give it a try!


Anonymous said...

From what I read online 1.5 is only out on non US and ADP phones. When is it getting pushed to T-Mob US?

wimbet said...

I have multiple YouTube accounts and I can't figure out how to change my login info from the YouTube app on my G1.

Am I stuck with the 1st account I synced YouTube with?

Would really like an answer or help. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the Cupcake release Jonathan and team! Can't wait to get it on my phone. This is awesome.

Charbax said...

Youtube suspended my web video presence about 48 hours ago by mistakenly suspending my Youtube account. I had only participated in a totally legal video mashup contest on

Please read and someone please help!

This is a little bit relevant cause I would like to upload to Youtube from my Android devices as well! But according to my current status, I will never be allowed to upload to Youtube ever again. Though I only ever uploaded about 400 legal videos on my Youtube account since 2006 having millions of views on them and being top in many relevant Google search rankings. You may delete my message when you have helped me! My email is charbax at gmail dot com.

דוד (שם בדוי) said...

What about sending files over Bluetooth?

Unknown said...

Hey wimbet - at the moment we only support one login, so it's not possible to sign out via the app. You can do so when using the browser version on your G1 (and we'll work to add this functionality).

Cheers, Robin (YouTube Mobile Support)

Charbax said...

Someone nice at Google has seen my problem or processed my Counter DMCA notice and restored my Youtube account, so my problem is fixed. You may delete if you want my comment since it is kind of out of topic and not relevant with the awesomeness of uploading to Youtube directly from Android devices.

Michael Drips said...

I'm excited about the cupcake upgrade but T-Mobile USA has been promising to push it out since the initial cupcake beta in January.

Granted T-Mobile is headquartered in Europe and over there they have rolled out the cupcake upgrade.

I'll believe the cupcake upgrade is out when I see it on my G1; otherwise "news" about it is just PR hyperbole.

Mohsin Raza said...

I received update on my G1 two days ago here in Netherlands. I have now all new features, except voice search. How can I get voice search on my G1?

Droid Knowledge 101 said...

for all the non-believers: we are still reading post that say 'we have been waiting since January'!! pay attention and read carefully: until recently, i never read ANY CONFIRMATION from tmobile about cupcake being release until now!!! people, this time, it has been confirmed!!!!! sit back, relax and wait for it!!! stop complaining!!

alec said...

Can you explain, why there is Google Earth app for iPhone but not for G1 Android???