New Google News for mobile

Thursday, November 19, 2009 | 11:50 AM

At Google, we are committed to giving you a consistent user experience across products and devices, and we really value the feedback you've given us about Google News for mobile. Today we're excited to announce a completely new Google News offering for iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre users. (We already offer a mobile-optimized version of Google News for other phones, such as Blackberry, Windows Mobile, and S60, and more improvements will be coming to those in the near future)

This new version provides the same richness and personalization on your phone as Google News provides on desktop. Our new homepage displays more stories, sources, and images while keeping a familiar look and feel. Also, you can now reach your favorite sections, discover new ones, find articles and play videos in fewer clicks. If you are an existing Google News reader on desktop, you will find that all of your personalizations are honored in this mobile version too.

Google News for mobile is now available in 29 languages and 70 editions.

So pick up your mobile phone and point your browser to to catch up on news anytime and anywhere. Feel free to check out more information or leave feedback in our Help Center.

Ankit "Chunky" Gupta and Alok Goel, Mobile News Team


SeanG said...

Are you using the WebKit standard for this? Also - did you build a version for each platform or a single landing page?

J said...

Is there any reason why "Jump to" is present on the iPhone version, but not the Palm Pre version?

Alan Nash said...

With the new interface, is there a way to sort items by date (as there was in the old interface)?

I don't see the controls for sort by relevance / sort by date.


Lancebowski said...

These improvements really work for me. The "full feel" of standard News is now present, and the "jump to" feature maximizes the utility of customized sections.

[BTW, couldn't have come at a better time for me, because I haven't even opened my laptop in a week. The form factor of my G1 has captured me completely; Android is the bomb. As smartphone apps and hardware become more powerful, the laptop becomes more the endangered species. :)

RAD said...

Looks good. On the iPhone I'd prefer that it launched the Google Transcoder for the links (like mobile Google Reader) rather than the full HTML site.

Unknown said...

We can't read Hindi news on Google News android app. We see Square boxes like ☐ instead of characters अ आ इ ई उ ऊ on Unicode or UTF8 compliant Hindi websites. Even Google Hindi website doesnt open properly through Android 1.5 stock browser. Please support Devnagri lipi (Sanskrit/Hindi) fonts in Google News android app.

Rob said...

There needs to be a nice touch icon like Fark and Woot have, plus the sorting by date option. other than that looks amazing on the Droid. Thanks google!

Anonymous said...

Would you please add the "sort by date" function.