Get mobile coupons through Local Search

Monday, November 23, 2009 | 9:55 AM

Since we launched printable coupons on Google Maps a few years ago, people are increasingly using their mobile phones to find local information when they're away from a computer. With more of you going mobile to search for this information, it makes sense for coupons to go mobile too.

So just in time for the holidays, we've made it easier to find discounts when you're on the go. If a business adds a mobile coupon to its Google Local Business Center listing, you'll be able to access it from your mobile device. Just go to on your phone and search for a local business. When you land on its Place Page, you'll see any coupons or discounts that might be available. Then simply show the participating business the coupon, right from your phone, to redeem the offer.

We hope you find these mobile coupons useful and that they help you save money, trees (fewer printed coupons), and your hands (from paper cuts) when you're on the go. Mobile coupons are currently only available in the US. For more information check out the Lat Long Blog.


Unknown said...

Good idea Alex - It will get me to try google maps more! And before your first month is up too! Alan from Emsworth

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing and a very good idea, especially when more advertisers are on board .. what will they think of next? I guess I don't want to know the answer to that question .. or maybe I do .. could make millions!

Sabeen said...

Hi! I really love the app too, HOWEVER can anyone tell me how I can "select all" messages in my inbox? I really need to do this as the brilliant push feature has put 845 unread messages in my folder! I managed to select them all by accident when I dropped and caught the phone, but cant figure out how to do it again! I actually tried dropping it and catching it again, which actually worked a second time but that still didnt tell me what I pressed! hahaha

Sabeen said...

I just saw that a google employee posted on an faq forum that there is not select all option, but that has to be a lie!!! as i somehow clumsily managed it twice!