Navigate New York City with Google Maps for mobile

Wednesday, January 21, 2009 | 8:00 AM

New York City Mayor Bloomberg just announced on the Official Google Blog that the city has partnered with Google to create and a brand new Official NYC Information Center, located at 810 7th Avenue. On the mobile team, we're particularly excited by how New York City is helping visitors navigate the city by integrating Google Maps for mobile into the experience.

It's easy to plan a trip at home and then use your phone to navigate the city. You can browse to find a hotel, restaurants, and things to do in New York. Most web pages embed Google Maps, and using a nifty "send to phone" feature, you can send locations to your phone via text message. Later on, when you're out and about in the city, click the link in the text message to view a map, get directions, and see Street View. Don't forget that you can now get New York City subway routes on your iPhone, BlackBerry, or other smartphone!

Check out the video below to see how things work:

Next time you're out and about in New York City, use Google Maps for mobile to search for places and get directions. If you don't already have Google Maps on your phone, download it by visiting on your cell phone's browser.


Peter Sankauskas said...

Having just traveled through NYC this Christmas and NYE, there is a lot of work to do in this area, so good luck! Using my G1, and Google Maps proved to be no where near as helpful as it should have been.

Finding the nearest Starbucks was horribly inaccurate. Which street to turn down to find breakfast was not helpful, but most of all, I hated having to carry around a paper subway map.

Take a look around Times Square and any subway station at a tourist attraction. Everyone has a paper subway map. The NYC Metro lines should have been available on Google Maps years ago! Even the latest release of Google Transit does not include the Metro. Fortunately, the hard work has already been done by New Yorkers - check out:

So once again, good luck and I hope this information becomes universally accessible and useful!

Raidel said...

I actually had no issue in New york city navigating with my iPhone and google maps. Especially since after the 2.2 firmware update we have transit and walking directions. It even got me everywhere in San Fransisco. I LOVE Google MAPS especially on the iPHONE!

JD said...

Hey Google!!! Another GREAT application for iPhone! What about YOUR phone? How about developing some of these great apps for the
G1? As much time as you put into developing the phone, I would think you have developed more apps. By the way, street view for WinMo is much better than on my G1! Why doesn't street view bring up the address that you searched for?

Unknown said...

How much is Apple paying Google not to fix this app for the blackberry storm?

It sure is taking a long time to get a bb storm fix.

Carlos said...


Rusty said...

I'm not really sure why people are leaving notes for Google in the blog regarding Google Maps on the G1. I have yet to see a single response from Google indicating that they have any intention of taking any of the thoughts, concerns, or complaints into any consideration.

Sure it would be nice if they would fix things. I imagine they have some wonderful vision, 99% of the way to completion, that will take mapping on the G1 in wonderful new directions for someone. However other than the initial blog postings telling people about updates, it seems to be a black hole.

I have no idea where to suggest people do provide feedback. But it sure seems to be someplace other than here.

Anonymous said...

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