Transit directions: Now on S60 & Windows Mobile

Wednesday, July 30, 2008 | 11:38 AM

A few weeks ago we released Google Maps for mobile with Transit directions for BlackBerry and Java-based handsets. Now, with the release of version 2.2 of the application for Symbian S60 (3rd edition or later) and Windows Mobile (2005 or later), we're happy to say that Transit directions will be available to a bunch more smartphone users around the world.

Transit directions on these platforms work just like they do on the BlackBerry version of the app (watch the demo video). Simply bring up Directions from the main menu and you'll see a second tab labeled Transit (or Public Transport), where you can request a route using only public transportation. You'll receive a number of alternatives that take you (car-free) to your destination. Transit directions are available on Google Maps in more than 50 cities. So whether you live in or are passing through Zurich, Ottawa, Bordeaux or Chicago -- and plenty of places in between -- you can have Transit schedules in your pocket at all times. Stay tuned as we continue working with transit agencies to support more and more cities across the globe!

You'll find a number of other features in this new version of Google Maps for mobile for WinMo and S60: star-ratings for businesses will help you get a feel for what other people think, your search results show up faster than ever, and user-generated content will now surface in your search results -- opening up a whole new world of geo content on your phone. Look for the blue result markers when you search for "ruins in london," for example.

To get this latest version of Google Maps for mobile with Transit, simply point your mobile browser to Happy trails.


Gary Hewitt said...

The interface is not working on Windows Mobile Smartphone.

When you are trying to enter driving directions (or transit), it does not let you do anything besides typing out the full address. I can see links to favorites and recent searches on the screen, but I cannot get to them because my device is not touchscreen.

Anonymous said...

Total crap! Doesn't support touch screen interface on Windows Mobile and is impossible to download from :(

Unknown said...

Works fine on my Windows Mobile Pro phone unlike what oters are reporting. However, the list of 50 or so locations shows all of NJ transit avaialable on the train lines but tells me it's unavailable in this area when I try to use it. Oh well, bye bye Google Maps.

Adonis said...

Works perfect, new icon to boot! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

Seems to be working for Chicago just fine.

Ricky Cadden said...

Thanks for the update, though we apparently don't believe in Public Transportation down here in Texas. We don't like to share horses. ;)

Anyways...I would like to request a feature for future versions that would either 1. automatically check for a new version, and prompt me to download/install it or 2. have a menu option to manually check for new versions.

It's rather annoying to have to watch the online blogs/forums for new versions, and then go through the various links to download. You guys know I'm going to connect to the internet, so there's very little issues with using the connection to check for an update.

Thanks again.

Sean G said...

When is the Mass T going live? It would help out all of us lovely commuters! Cape Cod? Boston.

N. W. Carlson said...

AWESOME!! You guys rock, I really appreciate it, just in time for my vacation to San Francisco! I will use it all day every day and I'll let you know how it goes...So far I've looked up some routes ie Oakland International to my hotel and it works great!

**High Five!**

sstrauch said...

when will this be available for the iphone 3g?

Unknown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Unknown said...

The upgrade works fine on my Windows Mobile touch screen although the pedestrian routes could correspond with sidewalks (I can't walk over buildings). Maybe sometime in the future (which, to Google, usually means next week).

Thanks for the update.

TrueEpicure said...

You have Norman, Oklahoma, but not Washington DC Metro? Hmmm...

John Cody said...

Dear Google Mobile Maps for Windows Mobile team...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE fix your CAB file and app so when I select "install to Storage Card", it will actually install the app to the storage card :)

I have a t-mobile dash, and it has VERY limited "internal" memory, so I need to install as many apps as possible to my "storage card". Since your app and the cache data files that it creates add up to over 2MB+, it's essential that I be able to run google maps from my storage card.

Prior to version 2.2, I was able to simply manually move the "\program files\googlemaps" directory to "\storage card\program files\googlemaps" and create a new shortcut to launch it from there.

However, even this "workaround" wasn't fully efficient....your app is hard-wired to create the 1MB+ cache data files in "\application data\googlemaps" - which is INTERNAL memory, which I don't have much of and would REALLY appreciate if you could simply create the cache datafiles in a sub directory of where the googlemaps.exe file is located. This way, after I manually move the app folder to my storage card, when I run it, it will create the data files on my storage card too, like it should do anyway.

But, right now, when installing the CAB file, it prompts you to select the destination ("Device" or "Storage Card"), but even if I select storage card, it still installs all the app files in main memory - a definite bug.

Now, with version 2.2, my workaround doesn't work because it displays an error to reinstall googlemaps after I move the files. Since I don't have any internal memory availible to use for installing googlemaps 2.2, I am now forced to go back to version 2.1 and can NEVER upgrade to a newer version of your cool app unless you fix this issue because I don't have any internal memory to spare!

The apps runs fine from a storage card prior to version 2.2, so I am at a loss why are you forcing the files to be install in internal memory even when the user selects "storage card"?

...and why are you creating the data files in internal memory if the user also selected "storage card" for the app?

I am a decent windows mobile programmer and I can easily show you how to configure the CAB's INF file so that it will properly install the app files in the user's specified destination directory. Then it's up to you to create the cache files in a sub-dir of the app files.

If you need a little help to do this, please contact me using this form on my website:

Thanks for a great product and fast implementations of new features - I just wish the newer versions would honor the user's selection of where to install the app files so I can install version 2.2 and subsequent versions :)

-John Cody

Michael H said...

I've resisted downloading this application, as while having some mapping features when out and about is handy the justification wasn't there.

That's totally changed now the Google Transit data is available, as my city is the first in Australia to go live with the service. They don't have a mobile journey planner, only a system to find out the next scheduled service times from a stop number.

I'm really impressed with the interface and the ability to retain the same usability concepts from web to mobile.

As I've never owned a car by choice, my S60-based Nokia is going to get some more use for this kind of stuff when i'm out and about making the most of public transport services.

Seriously, well done and great work releasing these enhancements, and installation and setup went without a hitch.

Stefan said...

Love this new application, please add support for Helsinki. The user generated points of interest are great, they've helped me rediscover this city.


Unknown said...

Hey this sounds extremely useful! Will this be available for the iPhone?

urB'n sKoLa said...

Absolutely LOVE it. Haven't used it for my travels yet but will soon. I was just thinking, why doesn't google have transit directions built in and was going to try and figure out some way to get my own together. Absolutely great that you folks are already on top of this.

Andrew Grill said...

another brilliant release of GMM.

As an Australian in London, I like that the my location estimates are in metres but the directions are shown in miles.

I can't seem to find how to change the default measurements from miles to killometres.

John said...

This really has awful instructions, I just tried it from my S60 mobile.
I used 'My location' to find where I was (I'm at work) - it found me, 200 meters out which is fine, using only cellphone towers, not GPS.
Asked it to find my way home using public transport.

The true method would have been:
1. - Walk to train station (5min)
2. - Catch Westbound line to Station X (12min)
3. - Walk to my home address (10min)
Total 27min.

Instead! And this is a joke: It had me walk 5 min to a bus station, catch a bus approx 100km west, catch another bus 80 South East (I am not joking here), catch a 3rd bus 20km North, then walk 45 mins to my house!!! (Total 3hr:45min)
Hahaha, Am glad I actually DO know my way home.
I'm in London, UK for those interested. It'll need to work a HECK of a lot better before I trust to use it.

Unknown said...

I'd like to know if you all have any plans to add Louisville, KY's TARC routes to the transit service.

J. Henry said...

No NYC system map yet? I can understand not having the buses yet (yes, they are a clusterf**k), but even just the subway would be nice.

Unknown said...

Above (July 31, 2008 11:32 AM), I wrote:
"...the pedestrian routes could correspond with sidewalks (I can't walk over buildings). Maybe sometime in the future (which, to Google, usually means next week)."

I was using GMM yesterday and noticed the beta version of Walking Directions has been released (which corresponds with walkways, not just streets).

Google doesn't sleep.

Ricky Maveety said...

I haven't been able to get Google maps to install at all on my Q phone.

The other Google apps are only running (and not well) if I access them through Opera. None install, even though there are other Java applications running on the phone.

I would love to use the Google apps. It just doesn't seem possible on a Q phone.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with John's comment. The inability to specific the installation and cache path is a huge issue for the windows mobile version. Please consider this fixing this in the next release.

Aman Hossain said...

Thanks for this update,

Now this is more updated and user-friendly.

jon said...

JEAH. love this.


John Cody said...

Hey Google Windows Mobile Maps group,

A sincere thanks! For modifying the CAB so that the entire app and data cache now can run from the storage card!!!

Thanks for listening to our requests :)

The new street view feature is awesome!