An easier way to get started with Google Mobile

Thursday, June 26, 2008 | 9:15 PM

As we've added more and more products to the Google Mobile lineup, our users have asked for an easier way to learn how to get started with Google on their phones. We've listened closely to the feedback and are happy to announce the launch of the new site -- the place to discover what you can do with Google on your phone.

When you go to the site, just select a phone from the list of popular devices and you'll get to see the Google products that are available. You can click on a product to get more information and watch a short video.

When you're ready to get started, just enter your mobile number and we'll send a link directly to your phone so you don't have to type the address. You can also go straight to from your phone's browser to find out what products are available for your phone and to get started.

If you're in the US, try out the new site at -- you'll be able to get the best from Google on your phone, with less effort than ever. Be sure to visit the new Google Mobile Community group to share feedback and discuss with fellow mobile enthusiasts.


Yash said...

sad to know its not available in India

Nelanka said...

Why is the gmail app for hosted email left out? Its does the same thing as the gmail app, but for google hosted domains.

yogirk said...


It IS available in India too. Type on your mobile!

vinitneo said...

I don't understand the new mobile page.. I been using this page for 2 months now.
Yes its available in India. just set your location to US to get all the features. I don't know why all the features aren't available when we keep the location set in India. Any answers ?

Unknown said...

I want to download the apps on my pc and then install them on my phone through the USB cable. Why there is no link to manual download JARs? This is very annoying.

Maco said...

Does anyone know if is available in Chile or South America?

Unknown said...

You used to be able to download the .cab's for windows mobile directly from the site. Now this doesn't appear to be possible. I don't see why removing this possibility is necessary... It's extremely annoying to download the cab on my mobile browser.