AdSense for mobile content now integrated with DoubleClick Mobile

Wednesday, April 30, 2008 | 8:00 AM

Last week we launched our new mobile image ads, which give mobile web publishers the flexibility to display image ads in addition to text ads on their sites. As of today, AdSense for mobile content publishers who have configured their sites to display mobile image ads can now have ads served to their sites from DoubleClick Mobile. This means more advertisers for AdSense for mobile content publishers, more inventory for DoubleClick Mobile advertisers, and more ad relevance for browsers of the mobile web.

Read our press release to find out more.


Suresh Kumar A said...

I think Users will prefer Google Adsense for PC Website instead of mobile. The reason is, he will get charged for viewing WAP sites in mobile . but this is not incase for PC.
In countries like india , mobile internet users are very less when compared to PC users.I hope this will change in the upcoming future , we can see more mobile internet users.