Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Google Offers app now available on iPhone

Today we’re announcing the new Google Offers app for iPhone. Now, iPhone users can discover, buy and redeem Google Offers, as well as deals from our partners, on-the-go. Some of the features of the new Google Offers app for iPhone include:
  • Instant savings, just around the corner: Quickly discover offers near you in map view or search for deals by category to easily find the right deal for you.
  • See & use the deals you want, when you want them: All of your purchased and saved offers are tracked in "My Offers,” for easy access from your iPhone or online.
  • Savings made simple: Instantly redeem most offers with your iPhone, without having to print vouchers.
  • Never miss a great deal: Get notifications when new deals are available or when a deal that you’ve purchased or saved is about to expire.
Browse deals near you in map view/Purchase offers directly from the app/Get instant access to all of your deals in “My Offers”
Browse deals near you in map view, purchase offers directly from the app, and get instant access to all of your deals in “My Offers”
Download the Google Offers app for iPhone today from The App Store. This app is only available in the U.S.

Posted by Robert Kim, Product Manager, Google Offers


  1. When is Google Offers launching in India...I am sure its a huge market.

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  4. Google's every step is firm , just like the Google now .
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  5. They (Google) tweak their product to work on Apple products and it make Apple product work properly. Then Apple find out which Android gonna has the spot light and then take it to court.

  6. Google always gives best offer for iPhone. Google is best for Email and iPhone is best for phone.

  7. Google Apps are nice and useful for users but prices are usually higher than others..
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