Collaborate and edit anywhere with the updated Google Docs for Android

Wednesday, February 22, 2012 | 11:17 AM

As I was sitting on the ferry commuting to Google’s Sydney office this morning, two thoughts occurred to me. First, Australia is beautiful. If you’ve never been here, you really should visit. And second, it’s amazing how productive I can be with just my Android phone and an Internet connection. I was responding to email, reading news articles, and editing documents—just like I do at the office. Only the view was better!

We want to give everyone the chance to be productive no matter where they are, so today we’re releasing a new update to the Google Docs app for Android. We've brought the collaborative experience from Google Docs on the desktop to your Android device. You'll see updates in real time as others type on their computers, tablets and phones, and you can just tap the document to join in.

We also updated the interface to make it easier to work with your documents on the go. For example, you can pinch to zoom and focus on a specific paragraph or see the whole document at a glance. We also added rich text formatting so you can do things like create a quick bullet list, add color to your documents, or just bold something important. Watch the new Google Docs app in action:

If you want to hear about the latest Docs news or send us feedback on the new app, visit Google Docs on Google+.

Gotta run—I’ve got another ferry to catch!

By Vadim Gerasimov, Software Engineer


Scott said...

So when will there be a workable app for the iPhone do we can do the same?

Dave said...

Impressive! I hope that decent editing support for spreadsheets is in your plans, too.

Anonymous said...

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garima said...

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Ezeekart said...

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Bram Weiser said...

Can we PLEASE have app2SD enabled for apps like:

* Google Docs (which is around 8.4MB after being installed on my Motorola Droid phone)

* Google Goggles (around 4.85 MB)

* Google Maps (around 11.1 MB)

* Google Shopper (around 4.4 MB)

* Google Voice Search (around 4.8 MB)

* Google Gmail (around 3.2 MB)

Just these six (6) apps account for around 37 MB (before any data are accounted for), and that's a substantial(!) piece of internal memory for a phone like the Droid which had "only" 250 MB to start with, and that figure reduces to 225 MB because, once that line is crossed, an indication appears that storage is "low", thus preventing anything else from being installed.

Please keep me/us posted about this, and do it soon!

Thank you very much,
Bram Weiser

N&M said...

I would like to be able to open a gmail attachment in docs on my Android phone in the same way that I do on my desktop.

bssekhon said...

mobile technology is growing by leaps and bounds with samsung and apple leading the way

Unknown said...

Love it! thanks Google that was the one thing I sincerely missed on this app so far. Look forward to constant improvements from you guys.

Samantha said...

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