The new Google Search app for iPad

Monday, November 21, 2011 | 10:28 AM

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Today, we’re very pleased to be launching a significant redesign for the Google Search app for iPad. As you can see in our video, whether you’re doing research and comparing results, or exploring beautiful imagery, we have added new features to make the app more interactive, more visual and to help you find what you want more easily.

More interactive
You’ll notice that searching is faster and more interactive from your first keystroke. As soon as you begin to type, Google Instant starts to display results, so you don’t even need to press the search button.

Once you pick a web page to visit, you’ll see the page load on a new, slide-in pane that will layer over the search results. You can slide the pane to the right to get back to your search results, and even keep scrolling through the results as your web page is loading. This allows you to go back and forth from results to web pages quickly to get the information you are looking for.

View search results on the left and a web page on the right in the slide-in pane

More visual
Viewing image results in the app is now much more vivid. Tap on any image result to use the new image carousel, which lets beautiful images shine. You’ll see the image you selected expand, and you can easily swipe through the carousel to see other similar images.

Swipe through the image carousel

Often you may be looking to find something you have seen before again or are continuing research on a topic. But on a tablet, typing can be a challenge. That is why we have created a visual way to explore your search history. Swipe right to view snapshots of pages you’ve visited, stacked and organized by search term. You can also manage your search history from this new view.

See your past searches with a new, visual history

With this release, we also brought Instant Previews to the app so you can quickly compare web pages before you choose your result. Tapping on an icon in the top right of the screen brings you into a visual preview of the pages for your search result, easy to scroll through with the swipe of a finger.

Find easily
Finally, we added a few extra features that we hope will help you find what you want more easily.

After you’ve selected a result, a new tool helps you find exactly what you need within a web page. Tap the magnifying glass on the top right-hand corner to highlight the most relevant section of the page. You can recommend pages you like with the new +1 button, right next to the magnifying glass, and help others find relevant sites more easily as well.

Helpful tools while you search

We’ve also made it easier to find and use your favorite Google services like Google News, Calendar and more in the new Apps menu. Tap on an icon to quickly read an email in Gmail, or share a post on Google+ within the slide-in pane. When you slide the pane to the right, you’ll be right back to searching.

Easily find more Google services

The app is available worldwide for iPads with iOS 4.0+. Download it in the App Store and start enjoying a faster and more interactive experience now.

Posted by Daniel Fish, Software Engineer
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Unknown said...

What the hell, when is this going to come to +Android?! I'd rather use something like the iOS Google Search app on Android than the native Android browser (or worse still, the native Android Google Search app) any day.

An experience like the new iOS Google Search app provides is severely lacking on Android. Seriously, what gives?! It's like a slap in the face to every Android user out there :'( :'( :'(

(And I won't even bother asking when Google Catalogs will be coming to Android - if ever)

Unknown said...

Lets stop worrying about iPad/Apple and lets work on Android some more.

Up the browser on the Android, then we can talk about other companies.

Not at the moment said...

As nice as this looks, I really *really* cannot stand Google Instant loading pages *especially* when I am on mobile data. It should be able to be turned off and stay turned off, not like the desktop where is switches on again.

For the rest: Looks nice and takes advantage of the way tablets are used.

Re Android: They already have the users with the androids. They need to be nice to the other guys ;)

ogun7 said...

The fact is that over 70% of mobile browsing, therefore Google ad revenue comes from iOS. Google had to update their search interface to stay ahead of competition.

wilsonthongwk said...

I am sorry to say, but Google now to me is already an ordinarily IT company working for investors, instead of working for the better living of the mankind.

It focuses on new gmail looking, new youtube looking, iPad apps, stealing profile from facebook using g+, blocking popular youtube clips with ads ....

But it does not focus on solving existing problems with social networks (addiction and lost of real-life social interaction are more fundamental problems to social networking, instead of incorrect layout of privacy setting page!), not on putting ads next to youtube with is related to the video contents ...

please if Google works for investors money but the real need of us, that's EVIL!

Sean Brown said...

WTF Google. I'm glad I decided to buy an Android tablet over an I pad because I really enjoy getting slapped in the face every time I read your blog. I either need to "upgrade" to an I pad or stop reading the blog. Maybe I need to do both...

New Day Nonsense said...

I'm glad I saw this before buying an android tablet. I've often prefered google products but seeing this, I may decide to forgo the Transformer Prime and wait for iPad 3 instead.

John Laura said...

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Unknown said...

Dear Google, Apple products are the benchmark for all hardware and software design (for the most part) Everyone compares Android with Apple BUT very really do people compare Apple with Android.

Start designing/marketing equal or better designed products than Apple (It can be done) As your new Search App has shown us.

But rather than developing FIRST for your own products, you give it away to apple users, so they can yet again justify they have made a good purchasing decision. Start releasing to Android first, thus shifting the value add to your own products and not your competitors.

Sigh :(

Anonymous said...

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Flash Watters said...

Anyone worked out whether or how to add a favourite or bookmark?

james said...

The new update is great for moving between search results and the linked pages, the swiping gesture is really easy. Finding the position of the back button a little awkward now though, so if I want to browse beyond a page I have opened from the google results I'll open it in safari.


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Dorian Benkoil said...

Yes, Andriod please!

roopa said...

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richardberry said...

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