Google Catalogs is now available for Android tablets

Monday, November 28, 2011 | 9:08 AM

For many of us, the arrival of piles of catalogs marks the start of the holiday shopping season. But what if you could have all your favorite catalogs in one place, with the latest issues always available at your fingertips?

Starting today, Google Catalogs is available for Android tablets, as well as the iPad, giving you a new way to shop from the comfort of your couch. With rich product images, videos, and the ability to curate your own personal collages to share with friends, Google Catalogs makes browsing your favorite mail order catalogs easy, fun and interactive.

Google Catalogs features more than 125 brands you know and love like Nordstrom, Williams-Sonoma, Nike and Sephora. The app currently has over 400 digital catalog issues to browse across categories such as mens & women’s apparel, jewelry, gifts, gourmet, toys, kids, gadgets, sports & athletics and outdoor adventure.

Download the free Google Catalogs app for Android available in the US from Android Market or the iPad from the App Store today. To learn more, visit

Posted by Abigail Holtz, Business Product Manager, Google Catalogs team


Unknown said...

link broken:

Victor Hogemann said...


But it's not available outside the USA. I understand that I'll not be able to buy anything, but it would be nice if you let us at least install it to take a look.

This sucks, like not being able to buy Nexus devices outside USA, and etc...


Michael Rose said...

Abigail, I hate to be a spoilsport about this, but your post seems to be not quite on point about the fact that the iPad version of the Catalogs app has actually been out since August of this year; it's not available "starting today." That's the Android build, not both.

However, this phrasing seems to have had a positive result: Engadget covered the "launch" as though the iPad and Android versions were both new today, which is obviously not what you meant.

If you had said something like: "We've been excited to see the response to our Catalogs app on the iPad. Starting today, it's also available on Android," that would have been accurate. However, it would have had the unwanted side effect of pointing out that the iPad version of Catalogs led the Android version by a full calendar quarter, which might have led to some internal strife with the Android team.

All that to say, I understand if this was a simple error; I worry, however, that it was a calculated choice to shade the truth of the situation.

kareden said...

I welcome this news with happiness and a good deal of annoyance (still) that the iOS version of this app was available months before an Android version was made available.

Google has to take its role as steward of the Android ecosystem seriously in word and deed. That requires the kind of loyalty that means Google gives its best - first- to Android and the sloppy seconds to iOS, Windows, etc. It's not as if the ecosystem for Android tablets doesn't need help. It needs a lot of help! So please, Google, in the future, pay much more attention to the care and feeding of the Android OS and its attendant devices (especially tablets) than the care and feeding of the apps of other operating systems.

e30ernest said...

Just in-time for the holiday rush! This is an interesting and useful app. Well done!

Ernest Ramos
Mobile Application Developer

Alice said...

Your displaying magazines and content that reads like a book but it reads horizontally and in the wrong aspect ratio. Its not hard to implement especially with how long this took to come out.

Mike said...


and I get

This app is incompatible with all of your devices.

Sprint Samsung SPH-P100
This item is not compatible with your device.

Sprint Samsung SPH-D700
This item is not compatible with your device.