More Google Wallet merchants are live. Now you can pay AND save in a single tap.

Monday, October 17, 2011 | 1:22 PM

(Cross-posted on the Official Google Blog)

We’re hearing from people at check-out counters throughout the country that paying with your phone is a little like magic. Just look at the ecstatic reaction on the faces of our friends who made their first Google Wallet purchases last Thursday.

Today, our partners American Eagle Outfitters, The Container Store, Foot Locker, Guess, Jamba Juice, Macy’s, OfficeMax and Toys“R”Us are rolling out an even better Google Wallet experience. For the first time ever in the U.S., at these select stores, you can not only pay but also redeem coupons and/or earn rewards points—all with a single tap of your phone. This is what we call the Google Wallet SingleTap experience.

With Google Wallet in hand, you can walk into a Jamba Juice, American Eagle Outfitters or any other partner store. Once you’ve ordered that Razzmatazz smoothie or found the right color Slim Jean, head straight to the cashier and tap your phone to pay and save—that’s it. You don’t have to shuffle around to find the right coupon to scan or rewards card to stamp because it all happens in the blink of an eye.

The Offers tab in Google Wallet has been updated to include a new "Featured Offers" section with discounts that are exclusive to Google Wallet. Today, these include 15% off at American Eagle Outfitters, 10% off at The Container Store, 15% off at Macy’s and an all-fruit smoothie for $2 at Jamba Juice. There are many more Google Wallet exclusive discounts to come, and you can save your favorites in Google Wallet so they’ll be automatically applied to your bill when you check out.

Organizing loyalty cards in your wallet is getting easier too. Today, Foot Locker, Guess, OfficeMax and American Eagle Outfitters are providing loyalty cards for Google Wallet so you can rack up reward points automatically as you shop. More of these are on the way.

One more thing—in response to user feedback, we’ve improved transaction details for the Google Prepaid Card with real-time transaction information including merchant name, location, dollar value and time of each transaction. Here’s what it looks like:

Finally, a special thanks to Chevron, D’Agostino, Faber News Now, Gristedes Supermarkets and Pinkberry who are now also working to equip their stores to accept Google Wallet.

It’s still early days for Google Wallet, but this is an important step in expanding the ecosystem of participating merchants to make shopping faster and easier in more places. If you’re a merchant and want to work with us to make shopping easier for your customers and connect with them in new ways, please sign up on the Google Wallet site. And if you’re a shopper and want to purchase a Nexus S 4G phone from Sprint with Google Wallet, visit this page.


Unknown said...

Awesome. Always love seeing my phone doing amazing th- What? That's not the Nexus S?

...Oh come on. Seriously.

Alan Nudi said...

So Exciting!! I can't wait to "get the updates first" on my Nexus S with T-Mobile :)

Michael said...

I would love to see the receipts sent to my google account for my purchases. Printed receipts are archaic.

Unknown said...

Amazing, I love seeing all the innovations that the great people of the United States of America have access to.

I wish we had an innovative company like Google here in Canada and that our government and businesses would work with them to give Canadians access to new technologies that would make our lives easier.

guasa said...


Muhammad Khalid Naseer said...

that is such a very knowledgeable information.

WhySoSerious? said...

I don't get it, is swiping a card more difficult than tapping a smart phone?
I have never had a problem with card in my life. Is this an unknown inconvenience?
I can't wait until people figure out how to drain your wallet while they're sitting next to you. That'll be super awesome.

WhySoSerious? said...

@Tony didn't RIM invent Smart Phones?
The problem is they rested on their laurels and let Google eat their lunch.

Shaun said...

great idea, then Google ruins it because its not available on all Google mobile OS devices. Again, too much stupid fragmentation Google!!!! Stop allowing fragmentation! Every device gets all access to every app.

Sim said...

Love this Post! It's very interesting to see where technology was and where it has come to. This post was a great way to see and learn how this application runs in action. NFC is clearly changing the way we are making payments and shopping today. It's quite exciting to even watch that video and learning that we can pay and save in the same place. Its even becoming eco friendly without having to actually print out coupons. Google has come a long way and is incorporating so many apps in one. Imagine if there were cross compatibility, checking in while you shop and pay, liking items as you shop or even using social media incorporated for help with customer service. Google Wallet is awesome. I can't wait to get my NFC capable phone to make transactions like this.