Improved Google Search for BlackBerry 6.0 devices

Thursday, June 30, 2011 | 2:15 PM

Today we’ve updated the Google search experience for BlackBerry 6.0 WebKit enabled devices. We’ve added a number of enhanced search features integrated throughout the homepage and search result pages, making searching faster and easier on, especially on touch-enabled Blackberry devices.

Left: Improved homepage with autocomplete and search history as you type.
Right: See more information with search options and enhanced results.

  • Enter searches faster: Save time by using autocomplete and search history queries that appear beneath the search box as you type.
  • Web search: Find what you're searching for fast. Comprehensive results pages let you see relevant websites, images, videos, news, real-time results and more. Simply click on the arrow button ‘>>’ to the left of the top search box for more refinement options.
  • Image search: Swipe through image results quickly and easily on touch enabled devices. Start by selecting ‘Images’ at the top of, then enter a search. From there, click on any image to view a larger size.
  • Local search: Find restaurants, shops and other popular business categories with a single tap. Start by selecting ‘Places’ at the top of, then click on an icon from the Places homepage.

These features and more are available on most RIM OS 6.0+ devices with WebKit browsers like the BlackBerry Torch and BlackBerry Bold 9780, and can be accessed in 20 languages across 70 countries.

To try out the new features, go to in your mobile browser. We recommend that you bookmark Google Search to your phone’s home screen, so that Google search is just one click away.


Spindel said...

How about improving your Windows Phone 7 app?

technomensch said...

Still waiting on an update to Google Voice (with push notifications)...

Jibran Ahmed said...

that is good for me.
i will update my one website soon on this topic too.

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Chris said...

Thank you! I'm glad that you are looking out for us Blackberry users. Now, if you could please, please, PLEASE fix picasaweb mobile so that it displays correctly on blackberry webkit browsers, I'd be a fan for life. Thanks!

Junaid Ahmed said...

Thats Good News For The BlackBerry Users
Thanks For The Update (:
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UtahRugbyGuy said...

K, I'm always about progress in technology and moving forward but ...I ...absolutely ...hate ...the new look and icons. Sorry, but it sucks. They need to go away. My biggest gripe is this. When I'm using it to search for photos and or info, it loads the "Google", "images", "news" links just like it always has ...the text portion. Then, the results come up in, lets say, the images section. I see an image I want to tap and the very second I go to click it, the full icons load, which pushes everything on the page down a half inch and it causes me to click the "news" link or one of the others. ...loading ...loading ...loading the "back" button, loading ...loading ...15, 20 seconds later I finally get back to the place I started and find the photo I wanted and I sit there and wait because I don't want the same thing to happen. ...wait for it ...wait for it ...loading. ...sick of waiting so I click the photo, thinking I can beat it before the icons "drop" and right at that moment they drop down again and I click the News icon again ...URGH!!!! Fffff!!! seriously, it is KILLING me. Can it please go back to how it was UNTIL IT'S READY TO EVOLVE? Don't update things until the tech is ready to let it work properly. Nonmatter what I do, nothing works. I have a few choices. I either wait (if I choose to wait, I wait a REALLY long time, ruining my productivity), or I try to be quick and beat the clock (of course, if I do this, that's when it loads really fast and screws me into clicking what I DON'T want). Please go back to last version or fix.

Unknown said...

Here's an idea: make a better Google Search app for Windows Phone. The current app is an embarrassment that does nothing more than dump me to

Also, update the Google website for Windows Phone. Don't tell me that Windows Phone doesn't support HTML5. The next release Mango does and will be release to the public in no time.

Windows Phone users often use Bing instead of Google not because Bing is better, but rather because Google is worse.

mikenyc said...

The Google intro page is missing the Google icon on my 6.0-enabled 9700. Very odd.

My company has disabled JavaScript due to the Webkit vulnerability published a few months ago. Perhaps that's why??

Unknown said...

These are quite an interesting features of google search for Blackberry devices. Thanks for sharing.

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Limo Hire said...

Android rocks, and this is gonna kill all the symbian phones soon enough like Nokia, and guess what android would be saying to symbian The game is ON baby!!