Priority Inbox in Gmail for mobile

Monday, February 7, 2011 | 10:53 AM

If you’ve ever cursed a phone’s tiny screen as utterly inadequate for sifting through an overflowing inbox you’ll be pleased to hear that the Gmail mobile web app now supports Priority Inbox. Priority Inbox helps combat information overload by automatically identifying your important messages so you can focus on those first. Until today it was only available on the desktop and on Android devices.

Now, once you set up Priority Inbox in the desktop version of Gmail, you’ll see Priority Inbox sections when you visit from your phone’s browser and click on the ‘Menu’ screen. You’ll also see importance markers in your inbox, so you can quickly identify which messages are important.

This feature is available for most mobile browsers that support HTML5, such as devices running Android 1.5+ and iOS 3+. Currently, you can’t set up Priority Inbox or mark messages as important or unimportant from here. If you have suggestions or want to learn more, visit our Help Center and forum.

Posted by Nathan Bullock, Software Engineer


Unknown said...

Thanks! Your websolution it's better than the bada app for e-mail. It's working great even though dolphin it's not supporting yet HTML5

Darnell said...

This is great, but any word on a native iOS app? Apple's default app is a bit stale IMHO.

Anonymous said...

We desperately need an official Gmail app on iPhone. The google app and the web app are not cutting it because of the need to login everytime I clear cookies. Plz? Pretty plz?

Vic Matson said...

Just getting Priority alerts on an Android phone would be a great feature.

Any chance?

DeLa said...

Seems like the mobile site is getting more feature rich than the Android App. How come the new features aren't implemented in the apps?

Dave said...

I concur, an official GMail app for the iPhone is what we all need, pretty please take this into consideration

Unknown said...

Thank you google...

Yobif said...

Great update to my Gmail apps. Thank you Google.


Vijesh V G said...

great update.

ehsan said...

Its great app for Gmail. Thanks to Google Gmail. I must rite a review on this app at

resplendent2209 said...

Native iOS Gmail App please!

Unknown said...

What about Gmail for non-java phones? When will you update that?

Anonymous said...

man, how about just turn the ability to turn off the conversation view in the android app !! i finally ditched my blackberry, love the droid, esp since our mail hosted by google apps, but hate the conversation view, constantly overlook emails

Unknown said...

wow, this update was mostly pointless, priority inbox is for noobs who don't know how to use filters

Anonymous said...

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#TeamHellaSwag said...

"Just getting Priority alerts on an Android phone would be a great feature.

Any chance?"

<-- This. (x)1000. PLEASE.

Сергей Козич said...

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Unknown said...

The New Gmail app is good but on low res screens (HTC Wildfire) the new floating banner with the reply button on it takes up too much screen space.
You can only read the first three letters of the senders name in portrait.

Gonzalo said...

This is great, thanks. But could any of the gmail team's member add Important mails to ActiveSync/Push?