The wait is over: Announcing Nexus S availability in the U.S.

Thursday, December 16, 2010 | 5:06 AM

Last week we announced Nexus S, a pure Google phone. With a brilliant 4” Contour Display, a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, the latest Google mobile apps and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) pre-installed, we’re excited about getting this great device out there.

We’re pleased to announce that starting today, this phone will be available for sale through Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stores across the U.S. and online. The phone is sold unlocked and can be bought for $529.99 without a service plan or for $199.99 with a T-Mobile service plan.

Can't make it to a store? Order online now through Best Buy. By the way, some of our old friends also can’t wait to get their hands on a Nexus S!

Update Dec 16 10:52am PST: Looking to purchase a no-contract Nexus S from Best Buy? Look no further

Posted by Kenzo Fong Hing, Product Marketing Manager


Sheriff Spectre said...

Too bad there isn't an AT&T version. I would have bought it rather than the Streak I just ordered.

Fredy P.B. said...

I am in Colombia, I want a Nexus S, how can I get it?

Unknown said...

I'm looking forward to upgrading my Nexus One, but I'm wondering if there will be a custom desk/car dock like the Nexus One. I'm going to wait to play with 2.3 on N1 before I upgrade.

Unknown said...

"The phone is sold unlocked and can be bought for $529.99 without a service plan or for $199.99 with a T-Mobile service plan."

Either Google or Best Buy are lying about this. Upon contacting Best Buy's live chat, I got a message saying the following:

"We will not carry an unlocked version, they are locked to T-Mobile. I know the press releases say so, but it is very locked to T-Mobile and can not be unlocked. If you want to buy without a plan, add to package, click existing customer, and then replacement phone. If you call us please call 8668132021 to place the order for delivery."

This is really, really annoying. I want a Nexus S.

csuwldcat said...

I am going to buy this phone ASAP!!!

Oh shit, wait, it is going to be released on a dopey 2nd class network with spotty coverage...

Call me when it graduates from AAA ball and moves to the majors: Verizon.

This business decision makes me think of a specific quote from the movie Dodgeball: "It appears that Average Joe's (the Nexus S in this case) is forfeiting the final match (wherein 'final match' == relevance). That's a bold strategy Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for them"

- Wanter-of-the-NexusS-but-not-craptastic-networks-like-TMuddled-or-AT&Terrible

flinty said...

Why couldn't you add support for att's 3g frequencies?
Is it that hard or that big a strategic decision.
So much for the open nonsense and the freedom to choose the carrier.
2 are cdma and 2 are gsm, the phone wont work with the cdma carriers and with 1 of the gsm carriers the phone is a very high end calling device.
So what are the options left. Nice subtle way to parade the open line while keeping the phone locked on to T mobile.
Way to go google

Unknown said...

Best Buy just told me that it is sold locked but that if you purchase the non-contract version you can then have T-Mobile unlock the phone after purchase. Not quite what is advertised on the website but if it works, OK.

Pete said...

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dave said...

It looks a lot like my Samsung Captivate (Galaxy S) phone on AT&T. I'd rather have the Droid X or EVO, they're bigger..
I hope it does not freeze up as much. My phone always freezes when I am downloading or listening to streaming music.

Unknown said...

I just called 866-813-2021 which is Best Buy's dedicated Nexus S line and they told me the the phone IS UNLOCKED and will work outside of T-Mobile network.

Unknown said...

I also called 866-813-2021 best buy number and the agent said teh exact opposite. It is LOCKED to T Mobile! I hate it when they can't get the facts straight! So is it locked or Unlocked?

Unknown said...

Tim Johnson said...

I have been a loyal and enthusiastic fan of the Nexus One and Android. It would be nice to see some sort of discount for current Nexus One users.

Many of my family and friends have chosen Android phones after seeing my N1 (it also helps that my brother-in-law is an engineer at T-mobile). I also posted a number of videos on Youtube, from unboxing to the many apps I use. I'm sure with over 30,000 views I helped sell a few Nexus Ones. Ashton Kutcher even mentioned one of my videos on Twitter... he liked how you could use the phone as a metal detector. I wish there was a program where Google would send out the phone to some of us die-hard users to review, blog about, and create videos of. A lot of people help decide what they will buy based on blogs and videos created by your average user.

Anyway, the Nexus S looks great, but as a teacher I probably won't be able to afford it for a while.

Tim Johnson
Phoenix, AZ

Unknown said...

Like the other developer phones, this will obviously be of most interest to developers. I think the perceived build quality (the plastic "feels" cheap) will turn off regular consumers.

On the topic of cell-phone frequency, the iPhone 4 and many Blackberries have quad-band 3G, meaning the same model can support connectivity on AT&T and T-Mobile for example. It seems like it would be a good idea to encourage manufacturers to do this. Otherwise our choice of phone is too influenced by our choice of carrier. Any chance we can have quad-band 3G become a part of the Android compatibility test?

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of the "pure" concept - no crap from my carrier or manufacturer. Really like that.

Unfortunately, I'm sort of stuck on the idea of having an actual keypad rather than using the touchscreen. Will there be another pure Google phone with a keypad in the future?

Manish said...

Unlocked version is available at Bestbuy, check this link -

jeff said...

T-mobile is obviously playing some games with consumers today. Stopped by Best Buy this afternoon to pick up two NS phones and switch carriers from Verizon (after 7 years of loyalty) for a family package. Several tries and T-mobile would only offer an annual flex account service with no discounts on the handset, so I took a walk. Tried this evening to make the same purchase through Best Buy online, and T-mobile refused the selected contract service for the phones. Tried T-mobile live chat support and was only told that they could not change the flex offer.

I wonder if this means they are trying to slow or cap sales.

bulislaw said...

You are going to get another sell failure (like with nexus one) if you wont ship to EU!!! Best buy dont send it outside us!!

Unknown said...

Excerpt from my chat:

6:40 PM Shavir Banaji:
Is it carrier locked ? or can I use it with any GSM carrier worldwide?
6:41 PM Dick:
6:41 PM Shavir Banaji:
cos even on the site it says t-mobile in brackets
6:41 PM Dick:
6:41 PM Shavir Banaji:
So why does it say t-mobile in brackets after the name?
6:42 PM Shavir Banaji:
Sorry for being so blunt but its a lot of money!
6:42 PM Shavir Banaji:
and i wanna be sure
6:42 PM Dick:
Because it is technically locked, but you can unlock it with instructions in the box.
6:43 PM Shavir Banaji:
Would that entail contacting t-mobile in the US to unlock it?
6:43 PM Dick:
6:45 PM Shavir Banaji:
Can I unlock it without being in a t-mobile network?
6:45 PM Shavir Banaji:
Is it as simple as entering an unlock code?
6:45 PM Shavir Banaji:
Cos I maybe outside the US before I get a chance to open it
6:45 PM Dick:

Anyone done this?

John Navas said...

[yawn] Nexus One is still a better handset than the Nexus S. Nexus One was groundbreaking. Nexus S is just another handset.