How to check your email from your phone (and 50 other things you might want to teach your parents)

Monday, December 13, 2010 | 9:29 AM

My dad loves planning big family gatherings around the holidays. He always emails our extended family a few weeks early, and we’ll all plan out logistics in an email thread - food responsibilities, addresses, times-- everything. Logistics can get pretty crazy when it comes to the actual day of the event, and we’re rarely at a computer on that day. I always find that my dad starts to lose track of the million things in his email that he needs to remember.

If only my dad knew that he could check Gmail on his Android phone using either the built-in mail app or the web app. Then he could always keep track of his messages while on the go, especially during the busy holiday season.

To help my dad, and parents everywhere, a few of us at Google decided to create a website,, where “kids” of any age can send how-to videos to their moms, dads, uncles - everybody! Here’s a video I made that walks you through how to check email from your mobile phone.

To see more videos or to send someone a tech support care package of your own, visit

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Unknown said...

Yeah, so, this is a total plug, but check out Mailroom for iPhone - gets you a tad closer to the experience you have on Android.

Unknown said...

I want to teach them how to use Google docs, but they don't understand why there isn't a dedicated mobile application for that, or additionally, why android has voice recognition built in and there's still no decent way to get a transcription without calling yourself, getting voicemail and letting Google voice transcribe it. They understand how to use these applications, just not why some are not available. I have no good explanation for them, either.

Unknown said...

Wow, never thought about it like that before!