Search Gmail & Docs with Google Mobile App on BlackBerry

Friday, September 17, 2010 | 10:08 AM

In January we updated Google Mobile App for BlackBerry so it can search your on-device email and contacts. Today we’re pleased to announce it can also search the cloud to find items in your Gmail, Google Contacts, and Google Docs.

Here’s a quick example: you've just received an email from a friend who's coming with you on a camping trip this weekend and he's reminded you that you should take a look at the checklist to see what you need to bring along. It's been a while since you created the list, but you can just say 'checklist' to Google Mobile App and find it in your Google Docs in a couple of clicks.

To do this on your BlackBerry you’ll need to start Google Mobile App and log into your Google Account (you’ll only need to do this the first time). Just as with any other query, you can either type or speak to find what you’re looking for.

Search results for "checklist"

Google Docs: Mountain camping checklist

Now that you’re already signed in to your Google Account you can launch web-based apps such as Docs or Reader without having to log in again.

Google takes information security very seriously, so all your Gmail and Google Docs searches are sent over a secure https connection. Your password is never permanently stored on your phone, and your account details are encrypted during transmission.

To download Google Mobile App to your BlackBerry, visit Learn more in our help center.


Hernan Fernandez said...

Thanks :), every update, make my blackberry more powerfull


Dwayne said...

I'm a BB user, so, thanks.

Unknown said...

great idea BUT it crashes BIS :S

Ambrish Garg said...

its really simple

Swapna said...

Very Nice and easily understandable.
Its very simple too.

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