Follow Team HTC-Columbia on Google Maps and Then Let Others Follow You

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 | 6:00 AM

In case you missed it, check out the Official Google Blog’s post about how Team HTC-Columbia is using Android-powered phones and a special version of the My Tracks app with SRM to share real-time data from the Tour de France. Head over to to follow along during the race and see riders’ real-time location along with their power, heart rate, cadence and speed right on Google Maps.

Want to record some of this data or share your location on Google Maps during your next big ride? Track your rides, runs, or walks in detail with the My Tracks app on your Android-powered phone. From many popular smartphones, you can share your location with friends using Google Latitude and then publish your location to the web with the Google Public Location Badge.


Develop said...

I have been using mytracks with a Droid on my bike all summer. Its a exellent app. I mounted a Droid on a bike the day it was released. Very cool stuff.
Have been following the Tour De France as well. With the addition of Radio Shack up against Garmin and HTC the Phone Company Cycling War has begun.
Dont forget all the stuff the companies are giving away too. You can win a Trek Bike and tons of other cool stuff.

Unknown said...

How are they sharing HRM, Power, and Cadence info? :)

Anonymous said...

:) lol

Admin said...

Thank so much. Greetings from Turkey.

John said...

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Unknown said...

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