Google Mobile App for iPad now available in the App Store

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 | 11:30 AM

We’re pleased to announce that a new iPad-friendly version of Google Mobile App is now available in the App Store worldwide. By “iPad-friendly”, we mean that this new version has been designed to show neatly on the iPad’s screen, and that the usual features of Google Mobile App for iPhone, like search by voice and My Location, work well. From the Apps tab, you can also easily navigate to Google’s web-based apps, such as Gmail, which was recently optimized for iPad.

While this first version of Google Mobile App for iPad is essentially the same app we’ve built for iPhone, we’re working on improving Google Mobile App so that it takes advantage of iPad’s features. Stay tuned as we continue to make it and other Google products even better on this new type of device.

To download Google Mobile App to your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch (requires OS 3.0 or higher), search for “Google Mobile App” in the App Store or just visit


Michael said...

Has anyone had trouble with the autorotate in the the Applications tab?

古风山寨 said...

Good App

Anna said...

this is great news, now , whn do I get my iPad? still waiting in europe.

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

nice topic.i want to know more about this.

arshad said...

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BC said...

Michael, I have the same issue, - when i tap google icon, it always opens up in "portrait' mode and i cannot make it rotate the other way???

Sam Singh said...

Great App, I wish I could get my Google Bookmarks on it

Unknown said...

There is an App for Google Bookmarks, it's called GB Bookmarks