Tis the Season to be Merry and Mobile

Friday, December 11, 2009 | 3:47 PM

Holiday season is in full swing (again). And we want to help you take advantage of everything your mobile device can offer to help deck the halls or hit the malls. If you're like us, you'll probably use your phone to research products and check out reviews, locate stores, purchase gifts, or capture holiday memories with a photo or video. In fact, a recent study estimates that 19% of consumers will use their phone for holiday shopping research, coupons, or purchases (a number that's likely much higher for our mobile-savvy blog readers). So we've posted a 'Holiday Help' section in our Mobile Help Center to share tips and tricks for using Google's mobile products during the holidays. Take a peek if you want to learn some new tips and tricks to help you get through the season. Happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Google, I am an atheist and I wonder why you are seemingly avoiding the use of the term "Christmas" in any of your Christmas-related blog postings and advertisements.

I am not Christian, but I celebrate Christmas. Christmas is a federal holiday, and has secular, pagan and Christian origins. It is a holiday that is celebrated by 96% of Americans. Please, acknowledge the holiday and try to show a bit of Christmas spirit.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Google Elf!

RuggerDucky said...

I think an appropriate response for the Google elves would be something like: "Google is an American company with a footprint in every nation on the planet. While many Americans celebrate Christmas, many do not both in the USA and around the world. Google is committed to embracing a holiday spirit which includes all celebrations regardless of religion or country."

Now bring on the nog. Spike it while you're at it.

Anonymous said...

Cheers Ducky!

Anonymous said...

Oh, please; not everyone celebrates Independence Day or Thanksgiving either, but do we say "happy holidays" during those periods to avoid offending immigrants that do not celebrate America's independence? Happy holidays is meaningless, I can say it at any other time of the year and it can still apply, so why say it around Christmas just to placate a less than 4% minority?

What is the point of any such greeting at all if is not for something specific? I'd rather Google wish me a Happy Hanukkah than happy holidays; at least they're living in the real world and referencing a real holiday.

Oh well. Just a pet peeve, folks.