Get Google Mobile App at Best Buy stores

Thursday, November 5, 2009 | 2:33 PM

If you're a regular reader of the Google Mobile Blog, then you've probably installed or accessed our mobile applications on your phone at one point or another. You may have even shown our applications to your friends and explained how to get them. Or perhaps you've been the recipient of some helpful mobile tips from a friend of yours. In any case, you may have noticed that one of the best ways to discover and get new applications for your phone is through a face-to-face dialog with another person.

We're happy to announce today that we've partnered with Best Buy Mobile to make Google Mobile App available through Best Buy stores in the US. Google Mobile App lets you search by voice and with My Location, and gives you quick access to Google Search, Maps, Gmail, and more. Of course, Google Mobile App is free whether you get it yourself from or from Best Buy Mobile. But the difference is that you now have the option to get some help installing the app or to see a live demo of what the application can do. Just go to the mobile department at your nearest Best Buy store and talk to an associate. If you have a BlackBerry, Windows Phone, or S60 phone, they can help install Google Mobile App on your phone. And if you're in the market to buy a new phone, they will help you install the application as part of their Walk Out Working program.

Find out more about this opportunity and to see a map of the nearest Best Buy to you. As always, feel free to leave us comments below or in our forum.


алекса ангелов said...

this is cool, but its not available in my country yet!

greetings from Macedonia

Jacomo said...

As a Local Service Provider ( we provide both Wired (FTTH/DSL and Cable Modem) and Wireless (AT&T reseller)broadband links into both residential and Commercial customers. We are very interested in the Google OpenEdge approach that would have Google place a Cache Server at our Data (Coud) Centers and provide our customers a premium /QoS based data link to all Google Apps. This would fit nicely with the Best Buy/Google Apps program in that we address the market the local Best Buy store covers.

Jim Aimone

Tim G said...

Uh, really? "Help installing the app?" Who exactly do you think is reading the Google Mobile blog?