Update - Go Mobile!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009 | 3:13 PM

We've published some tips, tricks, and stories on various blogs about our mobile products, including Search, YouTube, Maps, and Gmail. We've also started tweeting - check out the YouTube and Google Maps Twitter accounts for tips about those mobile products. And as a reminder, you have until 11:59pm Pacific time today to submit and vote on questions for the Google Mobile team. We'll be answering some of the top questions on this blog tomorrow.


Unknown said...

There is a typo in the Latitude iPhone instructions @


"...you arrive at a new lace."

lace = place

-Josh (May I have a Voice invite as a reward? Pretty Please)

Bryan said...

Google, please fix the broken images in Gmail on iPhone Safari. This has not worked for months. New enhancement above are great, but basic stuff not being fixed is pretty bad. Here is the forum link: http://j.mp/3dJzG

Unknown said...


From past 2-3 days Google Maps has stopped showing Blue Dot and says "Your Location is temporary Unavailable". It happened at August also at same network. Later it was rectified but now again it's happening.

Other networks are still showing location.

EliteGunslinger said...

I understand that the exchange servers are probably under a lot of stress due to iPhone users, is there going to be any major upgrades performed because I notice that when I switched to exchange on my iPhone emails came slower than imap and push worked rarely as well as Gpush from the app store.

Unknown said...

I'm having a nokia mobile phone (2330c).When I log on to the browsing
the phone battery drain fast and Iconsult the nokia service centre.But they informed me there is no defect in the battery itself.I purchashed this phone only a month ago.And they also said there is no defect in the phone too.