New Image Search Results for Feature Phones

Thursday, August 20, 2009 | 1:16 PM

Earlier this year, we launched new Image Search results for iPhone and Android-powered devices. Since then, we've rolled out the new format to iPhone and Android in 28 countries. Now, the new Image Search results pages are also available for most other phones in 38 languages.

The image results are tightly packed, making optimal use of the screen space on your phone and allowing you to scan eight to fourteen images on a single results page. Clicking an image leads to a details page, which not only shows a larger thumbnail, but also lets you either visit the web page hosting the image or view the image itself in full size. Moreover you can navigate the search results using "next" and "previous" links. These features are designed to make browsing and searching for images on your phone easier and faster.

How to use Image Search:
1. Go to and click on “Images.”
2. Do a search query. The results page shows related images, clicking on an image loads the details page.

3. The image details page shows a larger thumbnail and links to the original website and image. You could also navigate to other results using "Next Image" link.


Greg said...

cool. keep up the good work.

Gina said...

Just tried image search on my iphone, works very well. Thanks!

salem said...

Just had a go from my Blackberry Storm, on the Vodafone Australia network.

Only shows 5 results per page, and doesn't go to the 'details' page after clicking, just goes straight to the site.

'Settings' only has 'safe search', 'format web pages', and 'save location' options.


Unknown said...

This looks pretty interesting, but I don't see a Blackberry version - I'd get an Android phone in a heartbeat, but there are no US Cellular or Verizon Android phones and the only service in this area is provided by these two carriers.

Even in the local cities AT&T and TMobile don't offer 3G data.

So please a Blackberry version or Android on US Cellular or Verizon. (US Cellular preferred)