Google Search results optimized for feature phones in 38 languages

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 | 11:26 AM

One of our top goals on the mobile search team is to bring you the comprehensiveness of Google's web search while optimizing the search experience for your mobile device and in your language. Here is an update on our progress.

After launching new optimized search results pages last December for iPhone and Android-powered devices in the US, our team has been working hard to bring universal search results to more devices in more countries. In March, we expanded the availability of the new iPhone and Android format to over 20 countries. Since then, we've also launched the new experience for feature phones in the US and in Japan. Today, we're happy to announce that the new format is available on all device models in over 60 countries and 38 languages.

Whether you have a smartphone or a feature phone, if you have mobile internet access you can get the new mobile-optimized Google Search results pages on your phone just about anywhere in the world. Just go to in your browser and do a search.

The new format provides improved support for the universal search results you are familiar with on your computer.

  • When available, News, Images, Blog, Video and Product Search results are blended right into your result page.
  • Many of your favorite Google Search features now appear in the first result to provide direct answers to your searches.
  • We continue to optimize specific results for mobile, so local listings for restaurants in London, for example, provide easy-to-select phone number links.
As always, we appreciate your feedback so leave us comments below or stop by our Forum to let us know what you think.


adszhu said...

Great job, Guys, finally here in Hungary we can have the optimized search page! However, when I start a query from the Search box of Safari on iPhone, the result is the old, non-optimized page...

Sonam said...

Somehow I feel the results are not as good as it used to be for google news on my nokia E71. I search the same string say "Tata DoCoMo" - using web and my mobile browser - the news results are old in case of mobile. It was not the case 3-4 days back and the top news were almost same in the mobile and web. Also the google news looks have been changed it seems.Is anyone experiencing the same?

fhucho said...

I really like the new results page. Now I use the Czech version of mobile Google much more.
But Google News search looks very similar to regular search. I think there should be Google News logo instead of Google logo in News search so that users know that they are at Google News.

Salvador - said...

And the mobile web index (WAP), had left the bottom of the page.

Web results have just left. And although these are optimized (transcoder) do not offer the same user experience that the sites developed for mobile (WAP)

Unknown said...

When I go to on my HTC Touch (Vogue) running Windows Mobile 6.5... in Pocket IE, it shows the full version of Google; not the mobile version.

Any pointers?