Introducing the orkut Mobile App

Thursday, June 4, 2009 | 10:31 PM

About a year ago, we introduced the orkut mobile site to help everyone on orkut stay in touch on the go with scraps, status updates, and photo viewing. Shortly after that, we optimized the orkut mobile experience for S60 phones, allowing photo uploads and click-to-call features. Now, we're excited to introduce the first downloadable orkut mobile app, with even more features to keep you connected to your orkut friends and phone contacts.

The orkut Mobile App, available for most Java-enabled devices, offers some fun new ways to interact:

- Take a photo on your phone and upload it right to your orkut album.
- Share photos with orkut friends or SMS the photos to phone contacts not yet on orkut.
- Call or SMS any of your orkut friends or phone contacts without leaving the app.
- View scraps, updates from friends, and photo albums in offline mode.



Of course, you'll still have all the features of orkut mobile at your fingertips, including writing/reading scraps, updating your status, searching for users, viewing/accepting friend requests, and more!

To install the beta version of the app, visit on your phone. While the app is free to download and use, your mobile provider's regular data charges will apply. Check out more details in our help center, and feel free to leave feedback about your orkut mobile experience in the orkut Help Forum.

Hope to see you in orkut soon, and don't forget to keep your orkut profile updated with your mobile number!


Ihjaz said...

Is it compatible with s6o 5th Edition.

Rodrigo said...

works beautifully, but the icon is highly pixelated on symbian s60 v3rd. the same happens with gmail, is there a workaround?

prashanth said...

Downloaded to my sony eircsson K850i mpbile phone and I tried 2-3 times to login but the message, I am getting in my k750i is " Server unreachable - Retry "

Tenkely said...

Not available for Android phones?

Alexis Garza said...

I cant download this application to my Nokia N82. Not even the YouTube client.

To google staff: they dont seem to appear on my phones browser , but on a nokia N95 8gb they do appear , take a look at that please!

Robin said...

Just a reminder that if you have questions or bugs, please visit our user help forum since we don't answer each blog comment here :)


Unknown said...

Nice but please give us Google Reader just like you did with Orkut

Anonymous said...

It works on the 5800 just with the virtual keypad, which is awful. I expect to see more touchscreen apps for Symbian with the release of the N97.

Unknown said...

Well, hats off for at least releasing something rather than having nothing, it is very well made with almost everything covered but these java files run very slowly on symbian phones as they have to launch the whole package to run.
This slow and resource hungry experience makes me not to launch this software and rather use default browser.
I wish this wonderful software could be packed in to sis file for symbian s60v3 because at last its the users experience which counts the most.

Mariano said...

HI there,
it doesnt work on a Blackberry Bold nor a Storm... and its seems to be NOT working on any phone, is there a direct link download?

Robin said...

OrionIndia - I'd like to chat some more about your experience over on the help forum - it would be great if you could post any issues you're having along with the specific devices that you've tried and found slow.

Thanks! Robin

Unknown said...

Hi this orkut application is not working in my n 70 mobile can anyone help me to solve this

Sairam said...

From where it available for download ?