Behind the scenes of the NYC - Google mapping partnership

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 | 10:51 AM

(cross-posted with Google Lat-Long Blog)

In January New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced a partnership between Google and NYC & Company, NYC’s official marketing, tourism and partnership organization, to create a new website and high-tech information center. Using these new tools, you can now plan a trip to NYC from your home computer, transfer your itinerary to your cell phone, and then learn more at an information center.

A number of people have asked us about our role in the NYC partnership. We did not create and the Official NYC Information Center here at Google, as you'd probably expect. Rather, we provided NYC with our standard APIs and a bit of technical guidance, and NYC did the rest.

To help other cities and organizations gain a bit more insight into how NYC managed to create and the Official NYC Information Center, we put together this short video of interviews with principal members of the NYC project team.

Click here to learn more about the partnership between Google and NYC.