New Image Search Results for Android and iPhone

Wednesday, March 11, 2009 | 4:16 PM

Today we launched a new Image Search results page for Android, iPhone, and iPod touch in the US, the UK, and Japan.

With the new Image Search results, you can easily scan up to 20 images on a single results page and get the details for images that interest you. From the details page, you can view a larger thumbnail, visit the web page containing the image, or view the image by itself in full size. The new results page also supports "search-by-style" filters, which allow you to restrict your search results to people's faces, clip art, line drawings, or photo content. This feature was previously launched on Google Image Search in December 2008, and we are excited to now bring this feature to mobile.

To try it yourself, go to on your Android-powered device , iPhone, or iPod touch, and click on "Images" before doing your search.

How to use Image Search:

1. To begin image search, go to and click on “Images.”

2. The results page shows related images. Clicking on an image loads the details page.

3. On results page, the “filter” option on the blue bar allows selection of image style and SafeSearch settings.

4. The image details page shows a larger thumbnail and links to the original website and image.


Ted Avery said...

Looks great, but once again unavailable to Canadians. We still see the desktop-formatted search results using the Safari search box as well. We're primarily an English speaking country and use English US language settings anyway, could you guys just flip the switch to give us access to these recent iPhone developments? :)

Jason said...

And a note for Windows Mobile users: You can access these new features, as well as Google's other iPhone and Android web pages if you use the Iris browser (which is based on the WebKit engine). You can download the Iris browser from here:

FinTech tip said...

But where is latitude for iPhone, it's driving me and others, nuts!

Unknown said...

Yeah, I'm in Australia and we too don't get any mobile search stuff using the iphone safari search box. :(

It seems that non-US people get redirected to their counties version of google ( for us), and it doesn't do the mobile stuff.

If you manually change the URL from "" to "" , you get the mobile features.

Surely this is easy for google to fix!!

Paradox said...

How about we get this on the Blackberry Storm as well? Is it that difficult to add another UA?

Or what about google books mobile? Why cant we get to that on the storm either?

Anonymous said...

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graypvine said...

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Unknown said...

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??~* said...

Google guys always think about only iPhone and Android users in U.S.
Please consider Winodws-Mobile user in Non-U.S.
Non-U.S. WM users also want to use Google mobile service... :( said...

No Blackberry love? I see how it is. :(

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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