Mobile internet usage and useful mobile ads

Monday, March 30, 2009 | 5:24 PM

Last December, those of you who responded to our 100th mobile blog post said that you wanted more editorial content and mobile industry insight. Here are a couple of recent mobile-related articles that you might find interesting from Google executives.

The first article went out yesterday on TechCrunch from Vic Gundotra, our VP of engineering for Google's mobile and developer products. Vic talks about the nature and prerequisites of surging mobile internet usage. Straight-forward and flat-rate data plans, modern mobile web browsers, and easy access to mobile apps -- that's what you want, right? This chart, for instance, compares mobile search traffic from one carrier (MetroPCS) that offers a simple, flat-rate data plan with a larger carrier that does not offer a comparable plan.

The second article was published today on MediaPost from Doug Garland, our VP of product management for mobile advertising. Doug offers suggestions on how to make mobile advertising work and describes the benefits of experimenting with new opportunities.

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Shanghai Tom said...

It looks like the operators are becoming an IP pipe. I am sure they hate it. What about all the Operator spec (especially in Europe) for traditional phone? Does Android care to compliant with the specs? Apple didn't seems to care.

jpinofoto said...

Very interesting that all the data displayed, but what about Latin America?

Unknown said...

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