Updates to Google Maps for mobile for enterprises

Monday, November 10, 2008 | 10:40 AM

We recently released new installation packages for Google Maps for mobile in enterprises. These new packages allow IT managers to make Google Maps for mobile, with new features such as Street View and transit directions, available to corporate BlackBerry users.

While this blog tends to focus on consumer applications of Google Mobile products, many of our products are used by business people to find information essential to their jobs. Perhaps you use a BlackBerry issued by your company. If you do, hopefully you search the web with Google and get directions using Google Maps. Your BlackBerry is likely administered by IT managers who whitelist what software you can install on the device. In many cases, IT managers haven't whitelisted Google Maps for mobile or other Google Mobile applications.

If you are an IT manager, visit http://mobile.google.com/enterprise to learn how to give your staff Google Mobile applications. The new installation packages allow you to place the Maps for mobile binaries on an internal server, or push the application to your employees via BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

If you don't manage information technology at your company, consider asking your IT department to deploy Google Maps and Web Search on all the company phones.


Schattenwand said...

- Please show some love for Symbian Phones!
- Please consider car navigation with rotating maps.
- Please include an option to show restaurants or similar categories directly near the current location without the need to search for keywords.
- Please set walking directions back as it was, because it always gives me bad results, when calculating public transport connections.
- Please develop an sms application (for symbian phones), which looks exactly like the Iphone one, but also let me include my email accounts, IM protocols like msn and the facebook chat, so everything is in one place and it won't matter over which canal someone contacts me!
- I love you google, you are my only hope! ;-(
- hire me!

- H. A. said...

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Joe said...

Why are Israel maps not detailed in the mobile version?
Please enable pre-download of maps so navigation is possible without internet connection (to rely on wireless instead of G3).

파란늑대 said...

Hi! My name is Hunt Bae from Korea Telematics Business Association(KOTBA: http://www.kotba.org)
which was established to promote telematics market in Korea with Gov't (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)and private sectors in Korea.

The reason I am writing this massage to you is that since we have 55 members who are leading telematics market in Korea such as Mobile operator, Car OEM(Hyundai Motor) and several device manufacturers (SamSung and LG), we would like to ask you for a few thing to cooperate.

1. We would like to propose if we can work on platform “Android” for car device.
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I know this very sudden and informal way to approach but I would like to who to contact and what to do o process this with google.

Thank you very much for your time and hope to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards,