My Location now with Wi-Fi

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 | 10:54 AM

One of our goals here on the location team is to keep shrinking that magical blue circle that shows you where you are. In fact, just a few weeks ago, we released new optimizations for My Location that helped us calculate location even more accurately.

Today, we're taking another step toward that goal, with the release of My Location with Wi-Fi, which will provide even greater accuracy when you use a device with Wi-Fi. The premise is similar to what we do with cell tower information: information transmitted by nearby Wi-Fi access points is used to pinpoint your location. Since the range of a Wi-Fi access point is smaller than that of a cell phone tower, this often results in a much more accurate position.

Wi-Fi-based location is available in many major cities around the world, but coverage and accuracy will vary. We expect it to improve over time as more people use it.

So how can you start enjoying this Wi-Fi goodness? If you have a Wi-Fi enabled BlackBerry, please download the latest version of Google Maps for mobile. Maps for other mobile platforms, including Android, will get Wi-Fi location soon.

Wi-Fi-based location is also now available through the Gears Geolocation API, bringing more-accurate location information to the browser on your phone or laptop, including Search with My Location.

Enjoy the smaller circles!

Adel Youssef and Arunesh Mishra, Software Engineers, Google mobile team


JerryD said...

OK, I tried both links to download the "latest" version, and both were version 3.1 which I had over a month ago:

Have these features been available all along, or is it only available for a BlackBerry with WiFi (I have an 8800 - no WiFi)?

andrew said...

Where's the update?

Unknown said... on my BB 8820 just gives v2.3.1, which I already have.

Dave Altman II said...

I have a BB 8320, have version 2.2.3 installed, went to update google maps, and it said d/l version 2.2.1 I don't understand, I have a newer version than whats out there. Well anyway. WIFI still don't work.

Unknown said...

This does work with the 2.3.1 version with a wifi enabled BlackBerry (8320 for me). Funny thing is, at work it does not center around the router, it centers it self on the access node across the highway. It does not yet work with my old Linksys router.

Unknown said...

follow up to my last post... I think what GMM is doing is looking at the IP address of the internet connection to the router. that is how they know where it is, since ip addresses are traceable. home routers have there own ip addresses which are generic, and not traceable. which, i think, is why this is not working for a lot of people, your real ip address (the one from your provider) is hidden from the phone by either the home router or the providers (in a lot of areas the router to the house is using 192.168 addressing, which is generic, which is not tracable). think i rambled a bit, if so sorry, first time poster.

Craig Wardlaw said...

GMM is looking at the IP address of the router. This can be maddening.

I moved recently and now, every time I try to search (ipod touch) for something nearby, it shows my location as my old address.

I moved a mile and a half down from my old address. I know that may not sound like a problem, but neither does having water drip slowly on your forehead -- until it happens a hundred times!

Anonymous said...

Craig/others? was someone able to figure out how to make Google Maps (or its source) to "forget" an old wireless access point?
A year ago I lived in NYC, and now that I am in NJ, a year later, whenever I am connected with my Blackberry to my NJ home wireless router then Google Maps shows me as located on the upper east side in NYC (old address)...
I'm sure that my wireless router is using a new (NJ - Cablevision) IP address, so how does Google Maps identify it? is it by SSID? how can that be for non unique SSIDs (like Default/Linksys/etc.)?

Any ideas?


J M said...

Are we ever going to post (http) the "My Location" data to a 3rd party site or my google page or etc, etc. It would be pretty cool if I could share my realtime location (via with family and friends (obviously with my permission :.)

Hetal said...

I tried v2.3.2 with wifi on Pearl 8120 but does not connect... Opera Mini works just fine but Google Maps doesn't... Any solutions?

Anonymous said...

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