Get public transit directions in New York with Google Maps for mobile

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 | 4:54 AM

Now that Google Maps can give you subway, train, bus, and ferry directions in New York City, it's a handy tool for planning a night on the town. But what if your plans change while you're at dinner?

Luckily, Google Maps for mobile can give you the same public transit directions right on your cell phone! You can plan trips throughout the New York metro area, including turn-by-turn walking directions. With the My Location feature, most cell phones can automatically set the starting point for your trip, even without GPS. And satellite view and Street View (on selected devices) can show you a preview of where you're going.

With Google Maps for mobile in your pocket, you can go wherever the evening takes you, secure in the knowledge that it'll be easy to figure out how to get there. Google Maps for mobile with public transit directions is available for Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian Series 60, and many Java-based phones. Download it by visiting in your mobile phone's browser.


Sean Robertson said...

How about getting this for DC? And what about Street View for DC too? We're the nation's capital, we shouldn't be the last in the world to get the cool stuff. ;-)

Ben said...

Its great, but this latest version dont work on my sony ericsson W610i - it say : application use too much memory. Just before this version Google map mobile works just fine

Harlan said...

Cool! But, not yet available for my Palm Centro... :(

Andrew Pass said...

It must be nice to live in a real city. Detroit's public transportation system is out of the Nineteenth Century. I'll give this a try the next time I'm in New York City or San Francisco.

Unknown said...

Totally agree with Sean. While "transit" is available in my mobile map app, it resorts to WALKING - when I live a block away from DC red line metro. Either make it work for everyone - or take "Transit" out of the normal distro.

Have not seen any remarks about this since SEP 2008- so, like most things "web 2.0" I'm sure my comment will be the last for 2009! Yeahh.. Wooo INFO Overload and obsolete blog spots!!! (if you start something, make &^##@@ sure you REALLY maintain it- or take it down)

DC Angst

Unknown said...

And while the operators of the "Official Google Mobile Blog" chastise for self promotion- they DO allow their BLOG to whither and rot in cyberspace backwater.

P.S. No, really, where did the REAL Google mobile support forum go to- cause this blog CANNOT be a true representative of a fortune 500 company. Shameless "blog neglect" is, actually a federal offense and should be punished by routine flaming and public ridicule of the masses.