Magic Mobile Tricks

Friday, July 11, 2008 | 11:27 AM

We've got some more cool submissions on Mobile Tricks, our new YouTube channel celebrating everything that can be done with a mobile phone. Today's theme is magic.

Did you see Marco Tempest's magic trick about bending space and time last week? Here's how he did it.

Want more magic? YouTube magician Rizqi shows off how to earn back the cost of your phone...

... and YouTuber subsynchronous turns on the phone's new X-Ray powers. Amazing!

We love your submissions! Keep sending in your best mobile tricks.


Marco Tempest - The Virtual Magician said...

Both videos of subsynchronous and Rizqi are rip off's of my work with the iPhone 1 year ago... Why would you feature this?

Watch the original here:

R P said...


No, virtual wallet is my own creation.
I didn't see 'virtual wallet' trick on your iphone magic.
What i see on your iphone magic is, you grab a 'COIN' from your iphone, not a 'BILL'!
I never seen you grab a bill from a cell phone on youtube or on your tv show too!

Sorry Marco,
Virtual Wallet is my original trick.

(sorry if my english bad)

Marco Tempest - The Virtual Magician said...

Money out of a phone. That is the concept right? Be honest about where your "idea" came from.

It really does not matter to me. I am just taken by surprised that Effie from Goggle featured us on the same post after rejecting the iPhone video with the orginal versions.

This is so lame to get similar content from someone else.

Unknown said...

imo.. the coin trick looked harder than the bill trick. props to tempest