S60 video contest winner features Google Maps for mobile

Thursday, June 19, 2008 | 11:20 AM

The See into S60 blog recently ran a contest on YouTube that encouraged readers to submit videos highlighting how they use their S60 phones. We were pleased to see that the winner of the "Show Your Favorite Application" category was an amusing video featuring Google Maps for mobile. We're excited to hear from passionate S60 users who love Google Maps for mobile, and we look forward to rolling out exciting features on S60 phones soon.

Here's the winning video:


Andreas said...

Terrible choice in music, a bit long, but otherwise a fine video.

Unknown said...

I think it was a good. Made the video funny and i liked it.

Furie said...

Have I missed the exciting new features you guys plan to roll out for s60 owners or are they still to come? Personally I'd like more options on the native search application. An option for image searching, the ability to sign in on the application, search preferences and an advanced search mode would be great.

My largest hope though is a native Google application that contains Gmail, Reader, Calendar, a Google Maps application starter, Notebook and Search, all using your regular Google account and all available from one application. The application would be set up to run in the background to keep Gmail coming to the phone as it arrives. It would look rather like the current Search application, but with a few tabs to the other services as on desktop Google.

Any chance of that?