Picasa Web Albums for Windows Mobile

Wednesday, April 2, 2008 | 12:10 PM

When Joe Walnes showed off the shiny AJAX interface on the iPhone version of Picasa Web Albums I started thinking - can we make an AJAX interface work on new Windows Mobile devices? After all, Internet Explorer Mobile supports many of the advanced browser features that we used to build the iPhone version. Joe and I wanted to give it a try so we got to work. Today we're pleased to tell owners of Windows Mobile 6 touchscreen devices that you can now enjoy a much faster and slicker way of browsing Picasa Web Albums on your phone.

Working with Windows Mobile also meant that we could add some cool features using the newly announced Google Gears for mobile, which gives web applications the ability to work even when there is no internet connection available. This means that you can view albums of your choice offline. Gears also lets you add a Picasa icon to your Program Files folder so you can have faster access to your favorite photos. If you'd like to learn more about how we leveraged Google Gears for mobile, watch Dion Almaer's interview with Joe.

To try out Picasa Web Albums on your WinMo 6 touchscreen phone, just go to picasaweb.google.com on your Internet Explorer Mobile browser. Let us know what you think!


Scott Slater said...

I'd like to see Picasa Web Albums on BlackBerry devices.

dickie said...

Well, it does seem to work on my XV6800, which is a start. But is there a way for me to tell Gears to store bits to my storage card rather than the main memory? And if I want to look at the full-res version, how do I accomplish this?

Keep up the great work!

Unknown said...

This is an amazing application for the ATT tilt. I am loving it.

Windows Mobile Partner

User said...

good to browse photos, but where is the option to upload images? i think it's a "must have"

Mike Clement said...

This is great! It's always good to see a little love for Windows Mobile. It seems like everybody is developing mobile interfaces for the iPhone but leaving WinMo devices out in the cold. I look forward to improvements to the rest of the google mobile suite for Windows Mobile devices!

Unknown said...

hello googlers !

you wrote :
Gears also lets you add a Picasa icon to your Program Files folder so you can have faster access to your favorite photos.

I would like to use this function, but it is not described anywhere, how to do that.


Unknown said...

I found it!

To other users ! Look for the new line at the end of the page : Make photos available offline (beta)

if you follow the link, you will be ask which albums to keep offline (also) and then you will be asked if you want to create an icon in the programs folder .

But googlers ! Why is not detailed it anywhere? It's only one centence ! You made a video, you wrote an article, but there is no user manual ?

It's a great app so don't by lazy !


Ben Marvin said...

Yeah, where's the Blackberry client we heard about a while back? I would love to have Picasa on my Blackberry, then I can stop using Flickr to email photos to, and upload straight to my Picasa.

GourmetPhotography said...

Here's the link to find out how to view photos off-line:


However, I can't find the link it mentions (using HTC TyTn II), and have tried all view options on my phone. Guess its been removed temporarily? I hope so - sounds great if it works! I can view the photos OK, but VIDEOS I uploaded to my albums don't play - PLEASE FIX THIS GOOGLE! Thanks for all the hardwork! x

Sampson said...

how do i upload pics via mobile phone

Wojtas said...

i just need upload, nothing more

Unknown said...

The Picasa help says that it is currently not possible to add photos to Picasa from a mobile phone (by email or mms).

Picasa Team, when is this functionality slated to be released? Thanks!

Doug Rutherford (KE7YWO) said...

Joe, you should try http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g
This lets you post pics to a blog. It'd be easy to get them from there to Picasa later.

Jason said...

But I STILL can not upload images from Windows Mobile. PLEASE add this feature, it is VERY important!!!

Joe.K said...

I use WM6.1 and IE to browse to picasaweb to view my photos.
The interface is real nice.
But I have a large ablum of 185 images.

Somehow I can only manage to see the first 50 images. I can't browse to any iamges after the first 50.

Is that a bug?

Zsoldier said...

I like the way it looks. I just wish I could save photos like I can on normal Safari pages by holding my finger down on the picture to save it.

ilemur said...

Can u PLLEASE make it available on opera 9 as well?

Unknown said...

Great App - Except that you can not view all the photos you uploaded on the iPhone - It only shows the first page of them and not way to go to the next page - I just uploaded about 200 photos of vegas and all the photos are not there to view - Don't really want to make separate albums for each set but - Will if I have to - BTW This works really well. I love it.

Unknown said...

This product would be greatly improved with publication of a simple, straightforward manual with step by step instructions on how to make a slide show, add music, etc.

It is very complicated and hard to use as is.

Simplify - please.

Unknown said...

Just adding my two cents. Wonderful app for viewing pictures on my Windows Mobile 6 device, but like many others have said, would love to see an option to upload images straight to Picasa.

If I could take my SD card out of my DSLR, put it in my WM6 device, and upload straight from there to Picasa, I would be blown away. Think of the possibilities.

Thanks guys for releasing such a great app so far!

Unknown said...


I created an icon in the programs folder. But how to remove it ?

Thank you