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Wednesday, November 28, 2007 | 8:00 AM

Welcome to the new Google mobile blog. We hope this will be your first stop for the latest news and views from our global team that has been working to bring you innovative mobile products for awhile, now.

Through this blog, we plan to share with you over time more on what we're up to, who we are, and what we think is going on in this dynamic industry. We'll have plenty of product launches, features, and tips to tell you about. We also hope to introduce you to some of our partners and some of our users along with the applications they love. Additionally, we plan to offer up comments on trends in the industry and even an occasional take on non-Google products we feel are particularly noteworthy.

Earlier this month we launched Android, one of our most ambitious mobile initiatives to date. While Android is an important part of our mobile strategy, so too is our goal of developing useful and compelling mobile products for our current and future users, devices, platforms, and partners. As always, you can find out more about our full suite of Google mobile products at mobile.google.com.

Finally, we're very interested in reading what you have to say so we invite you to submit comments below pertinent blog posts. We'll do what we can to respond; feel free to respond to each other as well. For specific questions on Google mobile products, please visit our discussion group and submit them there.


Anonymous said...

The "Add to Google" button for this blog does not work, or the RSS feed doesn't work.

In Google Reader, it shows as (title unkown) with no items.

Mike Quentel said...

How about an API or SDK for GMM (please)?

Unknown said...

just got a smartphone last week (T-Mobile Wing) and just added google mobile maps. My location was close, off by about 4 blocks, but got directions easily, can't wait to use this on the road. Although if it could somehow read the directions to me out loud, that'd be great so I wouldn't have to look at the device.

yaromir said...

You guys got a spelling error in your Add to Google button's URL - it wrongly reads 'googlebmobile.blogspot.com'

Waleed Khamis said...

great job keep it up :)

SunshineTax said...

I <3 Google