Following the US elections on your phone

Saturday, August 23, 2008 | 12:42 AM

Elections in the US are coming, and the race is heating up. With Joe Biden just announced as the Democratic VP nominee, speculation is increasing about the Republican choice. To help you stay up to date on the latest election updates, we've set up a new one stop shop for your mobile electoral needs. Just go to on your mobile phone, and you can find these resources:

  • Mobile Search - Link to search results for Obama and McCain, so you don't have to type in their names on your phone each time you want information.
  • Mobile News - Read the latest! A handy link returns only elections-relevant news.
  • Mobile Reader - Are you subscribed to the Google Power Readers in Politics? If you're already following the reading lists of the presidential candidates or prominent political journalists on Google Reader, you can keep it up while you're on the go. Not yet subscribed? Manage your account and subscriptions on your desktop computer.
  • Mobile YouTube - Both presidential candidates have their own YouTube channels. Watch their latest clips of speeches and press conferences from your phone.
  • Mobile Maps - Are you going to the Democratic National Convention in Denver, or the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis? Make sure you've got Google Maps for mobile on your phone to help you get around town. (And if you're going, stop by and say hello! We'll be at both conventions.)


not happy said...

This is great - but why can't I just send a text message to my phone about it? Why was the feature retired? Also from google maps and the firefox googlebar extension! Why???

Harjot Doad said...

But still Opera Mini doesnt support flash so youtube videos cant be seen.

Matthew said...

not happy:
I noticed that feature was missing too. I bet its gone because people were abusing the service -- sending a bunch of these texts to people who didn't request them. now we all have to go without.

Daniel said...

Using google would be even better on the iphone if you could sort by oldest in google reader. Although it is possible on the desktop version, the mobile version lacks that crucial feature. After all, if you're behind a couple of days on your political reading, it makes more sense to catch up on items as they happened, rather than seeing the aftermath first and the initial reports second.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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