Early Android Developer Challenge results

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 | 5:35 AM

The Android team has announced the selection of the top 50 applications of the Android Developer Challenge. Each of the top 50 apps will receive $25,000 and is eligible to receive further recognition via ten $275,000 awards and ten $100,000 awards in the final judging round. A total of 1,788 total submissions were received.

While the team is working on a more detailed description of the top 50 apps, you can read a general summary of the apps on the Android Developer blog.


Taylor said...

Any word on when the actual devices will be available? Im starting to lose interest.

bernhard.ritz said...

Here is the video of a presentation given by Robert Hamilton at the Next08 Conference in Hamburg (Mai'08) about Google's Mobile Strategy: http://www.exxplain.com/TrainingDetails.aspx?Ticket=bbb2cd37-045a-4673-b505-6a1e1b5493d8