Looking on the bright side: Google mobile and Brightpoint

Monday, February 11, 2008 | 11:58 PM

Pretty soon you'll be able to find Google search and Google Maps for mobile pre-installed on more smartphones around the world, making it easier for some of you to start using these applications immediately after purchase. There are various ways that Google mobile applications can be installed on phones before they land in your hands. Usually, this convenient service is brought to you through collaboration with our partners in the wireless industry.

Today we announced an agreement with Brightpoint to pre-install Google Search and Google Maps for mobile on a wide range of smartphones, including those running Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Palm, and Symbian. These applications will be distributed through Brightpoint’s 25,000 B2B customers around the world. To give you a little background, Brightpoint is a leading provider of cell phone distribution and customized logistical services for the wireless industry. For example, Brightpoint can take phones from a device manufacturer, configure them for a network, and then package them and efficiently deliver them to the retail stores where they can be sold.

Read more about the agreement with Brightpoint in today's press release.


The Dean said...

Very nice move in between the code stuffing manufacturers and the networks who are piling all sorts of applications into SIMs with the Indians seeming to lead the way.
The only problem is the variety of platforms and hackers.
Make sure you keep it simple and bomb(er)proof.

Anonymous said...

«Phew!» Now I don't have to download google apps from the mobile website!
Such a relief!

No, really, it is a relief. Now I can't get yelled at by my boss when he says, "Get to work Adam! You are here to work, not go online to...Google? That costs more than an apple tree! This time, AJ, you are paying for the bill. I don't pay yours, nor your other workers. Get to work now, AJ or you will be FIREEEEEEEEEEEEEED!"

PS I sent this on my BlackBerry 8700(g)