Google and NTT DoCoMo announce collaboration

Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 10:25 AM

Most of you were probably asleep at the time, but we wanted to let you know about an announcement we made last night with NTT DoCoMo, one of the leading carriers in the world: We're going to be working with DoCoMo to offer their 50 million subscribers a more accessible and useful mobile web experience. For starters, we'll be providing Google search via a search box on the top page of DoCoMo's i-Mode portal, and we'll pair ads with the search results whenever they're relevant to users. Beyond search, we'll also be exploring the possibility of bringing i-Mode users other Google mobile applications and services, like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa.

At Google we want to provide users around the globe with access to the information they need -- whenever and wherever they need it -- and teaming up with industry leaders like DoCoMo helps us do just that. Read this press release to learn more about how we'll be working with them.


Unknown said...

Good move. I look forward to a better position of Google in Japan.

I would be good if somebody could give some additional information about the integration strategy.

1.) Will Google mobile search give priority to NTT Docomo on Deck content, like is done through some of the european operator portals? Or will both on deck and off deck content be treated equally.

2.) Will Google news be part of the search results?



David Johnson said...

Hi John, didn't realise you were at Google in Japan now. Will be interesting to see how you will work with Docomo.


Anonymous said...

My SO903i does not work with but works well with Google maps as announced here