Introducing the Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Wednesday, November 2, 2011 | 8:23 AM

Waiting. Walking. Watching TV. Working out. Winding down. Waking up. We check email pretty much everywhere these days. And when we do, we want easy access to our important messages so we can respond quickly and get back to life -- or slinging birds at thieving green pigs.

With that in mind, we’ve created a new Gmail app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. We’ve combined your favorite features from the Gmail mobile web app and iOS into one app so you can be more productive on the go. It’s designed to be fast, efficient and take full advantage of the touchscreen and notification capabilities of your device. And it’s one more reason to switch to Gmail.

We want to give you the information you need quickly, with minimal effort and distraction. So we’ve included some time-saving features:

  • Get alerted to new messages with push notifications and sounds
  • Find an email in seconds with search across your entire inbox
  • Autocomplete email addresses from your Gmail contacts or select from your device’s address book
  • Upload photos with a click using the new attachment button in compose view
  • On iPad, navigate your inbox and read your mail simultaneously with split view

Upload photos
Reply, move, label and more

Our inboxes overflow with dozens and even hundreds of messages a day—and this can be even more challenging on a smaller screen. The new Gmail app helps organize your mail so you don’t have to go wading through your inbox to find that key message from your boss or loved one:

  • Focus on your important messages first with Priority Inbox
  • Quickly scan countless emails on the same subject with threaded conversations
  • Organize your mail by archiving, labelling, starring, deleting and reporting spam

Threaded conversations on the iPad

We’ve also optimized the interface so you can perform common actions in Gmail with the lightest touch:

  • Pull down your inbox to rapidly refresh if you’re eager for new mail
  • Swipe right to view your labels without ever leaving your inbox
  • Swiftly scroll through dozens of emails just by sliding your finger

Pull down to refresh
Swipe right to view labels

We hope the Gmail app makes checking email on the go a little easier. It is available in the App Store today and works on all devices running iOS 4+. For more information, check out our help center.

Update: 11/16/11 On 11/2 we launched a new Gmail app for iOS but after finding a bug removed the app from the App Store. Starting today, the Gmail app is now available again.


Ken said...

I'm getting a 'Notification Error' message (and I've uninstalled/reinstalled the app already) upon start up that says, "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application". I'm running iOS 5. No notifications are coming through, and I don't see a way to turn them on or customize them. Any thoughts? I realize it's brand new :-) I love the concept of a native app!

Imric said...

I'm also getting "no valid aps-environment" error. iPad1 and iOS5. No notifications come through. Very nice that we finally have a native app on iOS :D

Andy said...

Im am also getting this, "no valid 'aps-environment' entitlement string found for application". error when launching the app. I am on iOS 5 on an iphone 4S. I have also reinstalled the app to no avail. I hope there is a fix soon. I've been waiting on this app since i got my first iphone and its everything i've wanted it to be.

Joshua said...

I'm also getting the error:

No Valid ‘Aps-Environment’ Entitlement String Found For Application

Michael King said...

No love for Canadians with this app? :(

It's not in the app store.

RF7 said...

Not in app store by phone.

Luis said...

I get the "Notification Error: No Valid ‘Aps-Environment’ Entitlement String Found For Application" error as well....

I still think that Google Sync is a far better solution, but a solid app either way.

Слава said...

One more 'aps-environment' error from me. Please, fix it asap.

Daniel Blondell said...

Gotta get rid of the default setting that makes signatures look like this


Also, why no rich text formatting?

diser said...

Same 'aps-environment'

shawn said...

Same error here (No Valid ‘Aps-Environment’ Entitlement String Found For Application), iphone 4, iOS5.

Also did a reboot of the device to see if something needed to be cleared out of memory.

Melinda and Frank said...

I am unable to find the app in the app store on the phone

Rico said...

Same "no valid aps-environment entitlement string" error ... man, I was excited for a moment. Fail.

Matt Keithley said...

no push notifications? wth google?

The Texan Transplant said...

What about sending from multiple accounts? ie pop/imap addresses mapped to gmail?

Annabel said...

Same question as The Texan.
I answer the email that was sent to one of my non-gmail accounts that I ported to gmail account and not my address. But I don't see how I can create a new email that will be sent from non-gmail mapped account.

Thanks folks, great news overall!

Konstantin Levin said...

Wow, not only did it take you entirely too long to produce this App, you botched the launch? Terrible.

Peter said...

Sorry Google... How can you guys release a broken app is beyond my comprehension! What a colossal piece of s%$#!

Lately you all run around like a bunch of boy-scouts... How sad.

accidentalpimp said...

Not available in U.S.?

hooahu said...

wow people...calm down. they botched a launch. everyone screws up....even google. if you don't like google, stop using their products....see how far that gets you.

crizo said...

I was hesitant to download since I couldn't see why I would need this. Boy was I right. I deleted this app immediately. It's slower than the default iPhone mail app and offers nothing over the default mail app setup with smtp...except for push..but I don't need that.

Benny Hauk said...

They pulled it from the app store temporarily while they fix what seems to be some bugs. more info:

H said...

Images do not resize to fit screen size, same behavior as in web version which is annoying. The native mail app handles this fine

cleverguy said...


not available in Canada.

TGustafson said...

Once this app re-launches, will I be able to select a different "From" account like I can do now in my browser and I could do on my Android phone before I switched to an iPhone 4S? I push two accounts to Gmail and then reply as those accounts instead of Gmail as needed. Thanks!

Mike Flat said...

Hmmm it is giving an error and i am not able to run it properly. Any suggestions??
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Venky N said...

when is the update coming out?

Thomaschrishan said...

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raju ahamad said...

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