Settle trivia debates anytime, anywhere

Thursday, June 10, 2010 | 4:01 PM

Last month we launched a way to provide short answers to search queries, and it's now available on your iPhone, Palm WebOS or Android-powered device in English. If you’re like us, you may sometimes engage in trivia matches with friends on topics as far ranging as, what continent is Turkey in?, Star Wars release date?, or Augustus’ successor? Now you can settle that debate there and then by searching Google from your mobile; you can speak your question into Google Search on Android or Google Mobile App for iPhone, or you can visit from your mobile browser to type your search.

If your friends challenge the answer provided in Google Search results, you can corroborate the information with a list of websites by clicking on the “Show sources” link. The source list includes the relevant text from each page so you can quickly verify whether Google interpreted the context of the answer correctly. You can also click through to the original website to get all the details.

We continue to work on providing short answers to more questions. Here are some additional examples to try:

  • Who’s taller? [height of kobe bryant] or [height of paul pierce]
  • Geography trivia? [capital of massachusetts], [language in netherlands]
  • Literature trivia? [author of les miserables], [george eliot’s gender]
  • Movie trivia? [release date of shrek], [director of harry potter 3]
  • Music trivia? [composer of four seasons], [birthday of lady gaga]


Randy Magruder said...

Your turkey example worked great. A friend, however, suggested "Who is the lead singer for Gwar" and got just the normal collection of links. Fail :(

Anonymous said...

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