Search on the go: from Toronto to Toulouse, London to Leipzig

Wednesday, January 30, 2008 | 2:25 PM

If you're in Canada, the UK, France, or Germany, then say hello, bonjour, or Guten Tag to faster and more intuitive search on your mobile phones. Starting today, our new mobile search experience is available in these four countries, giving you access to the information you need with minimal effort and distraction.

One of the ways we do this is by bringing you the most relevant result for your query, regardless of whether it's a local result, a web result, or what have you. If you enter a search for [sunflower] ("tournesol" in French or "Sonnenblumen" in German) for example, we know you could be interested in pictures of sunflowers in addition to web results. Another new feature is the ability to remember your recent search locations, so we can provide useful local results when you search the next time -- no need to retype the location! It takes just a few clicks to get listings for nearby restaurants, weather reports, and other information tailored to where you are.

To access our new mobile search service, point your mobile browser to the following: (Canada), (UK), (France), or (Germany).

YouTube for Mobile unveils millions of videos and beta Java application

Thursday, January 24, 2008 | 10:35 AM

If you own an iPhone or a Helio Ocean, chances are you've already been enjoying some of YouTube's tens of millions of videos through custom applications developed for your device. On the other hand, if you have a phone that supports streaming video and you've been visiting through your mobile browser, you've only been able to view a smaller subset of YouTube for Mobile videos.

Starting today, offers the full assortment of the tens of millions of videos that YouTube fans around the world have come to know and love. What's more, you can now log in to your YouTube account through your mobile phone browser to rate, share, and comment on videos, view your favorites, and even upload new videos.

Also launching today is a beta version of a YouTube for mobile Java application for a select number of mobile devices, including the Sony Ericsson K800 and W880 and the Nokia E65, N95, N73, 6110 Navigator, and 6120 Classic. Through this downloadable application (currently available in U.S. and U.K. English), you can access the entire YouTube for Mobile catalog. The application includes a super slick interface (with a carousel view of video tiles), as well as full community and uploading features.

Watch the video below to see product managers Dwipal Desai and Andreas Tuerk demo today's YouTube for Mobile releases. As always, let us know what you think by leaving comments below. And, feel free to leave these guys video comments as well!

Google and NTT DoCoMo announce collaboration

| 10:25 AM

Most of you were probably asleep at the time, but we wanted to let you know about an announcement we made last night with NTT DoCoMo, one of the leading carriers in the world: We're going to be working with DoCoMo to offer their 50 million subscribers a more accessible and useful mobile web experience. For starters, we'll be providing Google search via a search box on the top page of DoCoMo's i-Mode portal, and we'll pair ads with the search results whenever they're relevant to users. Beyond search, we'll also be exploring the possibility of bringing i-Mode users other Google mobile applications and services, like Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, and Picasa.

At Google we want to provide users around the globe with access to the information they need -- whenever and wherever they need it -- and teaming up with industry leaders like DoCoMo helps us do just that. Read this press release to learn more about how we'll be working with them.

Videos and Pictures from the Google Mobile Team at Macworld

Friday, January 18, 2008 | 8:15 AM

At the Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco this week, the Google mobile team joined other Googlers from the Geo, YouTube, and Mac teams at the Google booth, space #1268, in Moscone Center South Hall. In addition to demonstrating our various products we also served up Geo Bingo, the Google mobile scavenger hunt, and, of course, Google swag giveaways. For those of you who were able to visit our booth, thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Here are some videos of the Google mobile team taken at the conference. As always, you can watch our other videos on the Google Mobile Blog YouTube Channel.

  • Google Mobile at Macworld: Marc Vanlerberghe and Gummi Hafsteinsson are shown in action at the Google booth, while Anita Mhaskar and Ulf Waschbusch reveal the Google swag giveaways.
  • Interview with Steve Kanfesky: Anita Mhaskar chats with Steve Kanefsky, one of the software engineers responsible for developing the Google experience for the iPhone. Steve talks about the Macworld keynote and some of the new features of Google on the iPhone.
  • Overview of Google Mobile Products on the iPhone: Sidney Chang and Ulf Waschbusch highlight some of our new product features in a presentation at the booth.

From waiting in line for the keynote to snapshots of Googlers working the booth, here's a view of Macworld from the lens of Steve Kanfesky:

My Location on the iPhone and other Updates

Tuesday, January 15, 2008 | 5:51 PM

Jerry Morrison, Software Engineer, Google mobile team

At Macworld today, version 1.1.3 of Apple's iPhone software was announced that includes updates to Google Maps for mobile and IMAP access to Gmail. You can get the updated software by syncing your iPhone with iTunes and agreeing to the update.

Once you get the latest version, Google Maps for mobile on the iPhone can provide you with automated location information, thanks in part to Google's My Location technology. Just push the button with a circle on it at the bottom left-hand side of the Google Maps for mobile application and you'll see a circle appear on the map approximating your current position. If you have an iPod Touch, you can now have access to Maps for the first time.

Also, the latest iPhone email application will now use IMAP to access your Gmail account rather than POP. IMAP is better than POP because your Gmail messages on your iPhone are better synchronized to your Gmail account.

As a developer for Google Maps for mobile, I had a good time watching Steve Jobs today demonstrate Maps on the iPhone at Macworld. It's a fun project to work on and it wows my friends and family, too. On Sunday I demo'd it on an iPhone to the FIRST Robotics high school team I mentor. The students seemed to be as inspired by what they saw as I am by their robot designs.

Google on the iPhone: Macworld Makeover

Monday, January 14, 2008 | 11:36 AM

Six weeks since launching the first version of an integrated on the iPhone, we've heard a lot of meaningful and insightful feedback from you and we've addressed some of them in this current release:

  • Customization of tabs: We're all very diverse in what products we use, particularly on mobile. Now you can customize the tabs you want on Go to the More tab and press "Custom tabs" to select your favorite three Google mobile products.
  • New and improved Gmail: The latest version of Gmail delivers messages to your inbox without the need for you to refresh it. Also, if you need to write an email, we help you complete the address -- you only need to type out the first few letters of your contact. Read more about pre-fetching and address auto-complete on the Gmail blog.
  • New and improved Calendar: A calendar can be one of the most important things on a phone. Now Google Calendar is faster and has a month view.
  • iGoogle for the iPhone: One of the most common requests to date has been to include personalized modules. We're happy to announce a new iPhone-optimized version of iGoogle that mobilizes all of the modules you know and love. Simply click on the iGoogle link from the home page or go to
Some of you have been wondering why we've made this only for the iPhone. The entire experience is made possible by the iPhone's general usability (touch and high-resolution) and the capabilities of its web browser (AJAX, CSS). It's also pretty cool that the iPhone has an unlimited data plan so you never have to worry about cost when you're browsing the web. And we're working on making this version of available outside the U.S.

To get to the latest Google on your iPhone, just go to on your iPhone or iPod Touch web browser. Let us know what you think!

Impressions of CES

Friday, January 11, 2008 | 3:45 PM

As the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show winds to a close, some of you may have wondered if any of us attended. Some of us did make it to Las Vegas, primarily in support of and to meet some of our partners who demo'd some pretty neat things that highlight and leverage Google applications.

I was excited to have a chance to go, so I took a video camera to capture some of the sights, sounds, and people that I met. You can play the video clips below in sequence, or select individual videos to view one at a time.

  • "Don't waste time while you're there!": If you've never been to CES and want to get a sense of what it's like, or, if you were there and want to compare notes, take a look at this.
  • Picasa Web Albums on BlackBerry: Mike Pegg of Google mobile chats with Trudy Koen from Research in Motion about a new Picasa Web Albums application that will soon be available for BlackBerry devices.
  • GOOG-411 'Map it' Feature and Thomson's new GE DECT 6.0 Phone: Jonathan Matus of Google Mobile tells us about the 'Map-It' feature integrating GOOG-411 and Google Maps on the iPhone. He then talks to Jordan Riggs of Thomson about Thomson's new GE DECT 6.0 phone, featuring a dedicated GOOG-411 button.
  • Google applications on the new Sony Mylo: Philip Boyle, a product manager at Sony, describes how to get to Google Search, Gmail, Google Talk, and YouTube on the new Mylo.
  • Good-bye to CES 2008: Some parting thoughts of mine as I leave the show.
Finally, we've created our own Google Mobile Blog YouTube channel where you'll be able to find all of the current and future videos we make.

Happy New Year!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008 | 3:48 PM

When I first asked the mobile team to send me pictures of how they rang in the New Year, I imagined fireworks sprouting colorfully over the Eiffel Tower and the Sydney Opera House, the glimmering ball descending in Times Square, or the spectacular floats at the annual Rose Parade in Pasadena, California.

Some may have gone to those places, but I got a more eclectic and less predictable selection. On New Year's Day, David Maynard and his wife ran five kilometers for charity ( in Palo Alto, California. Leslie Fabello and Ben Davies took some amazing photographs with their mobile phones of the lush countryside in the U.K. Meanwhile, Peter Mayo spent the day with his kids, clearing a couple of feet of snow from his driveway in Ontario, Canada.

And Jonathan Matus, Andrew Hyman, and Stefan Haustein sent me pictures that are terrific examples of the spontaneity that can be captured with cell phone cameras: a beautiful sunset, friends getting ready to go out to celebrate New Year's Eve, and a city sign proclaiming that heavy fog had shut down public transportation in Oberhausen, Germany.

So this is how some of us truly welcomed in 2008. Happy new year from the whole Google mobile team!